5 Best Hatchbacks

The Top 5 Hatchbacks Participating in The Cheki Car Awards

As the days get closer to the Cheki Car Awards, we have some highly popular hatchbacks that have made it to the cut in this segment.Mazda Demio Features

Mazda Demio

Its a popular stylish hatchback by Mazda with a fantastic cabin design, bright upholstery, comfortable seats and decent hallmarks. The Mazda Demio has a decent 1300 to 1500 cc engine and is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption. Its Prices start from Ksh 600,000-700,000.Volkswagen Polo Features

Volkswagen Polo

The polo is credited to bring quality workmanship to this competitive segment. Its great build, strong chassis and peppy 1.4L turbo engines make it a great everyday car. The only downside is limited legroom at the back. Its Prices starts from Ksh 700,000-800,000.Honda Fit/Jazz Features

Honda Fit/Jazz

Honda Jazz has gained popularity because of its reliable engines that bare bulletproof, spacious cabin and decent performance. Safety-wise it comes with multiple airbags, crumple zones and 3-point safety belts. The downside is that spare parts are pricey but last longer compared to its rivals. Price starts from Ksh 650,000-750,000.Peugeot 306 Features

Peugeot 306

Peugeot has always built interesting hatchbacks from the 106, 206 and now the 306. Well equipped and safe, the 306 comes loaded with plenty of technological add ons like rain-sensing wipers, xenon headlamps and a peppy engine. Prices start from Ksh 700,000 to 800,000.Toyota Yaris Features

Toyota Vitz/Yaris

Arguably Kenya’s most popular hatchback loved for its compact dimensions and reliable engines. Spare Parts are readily available plus the new Yaris build is sturdy for better impact absorption. 6 airbags and anti-lock braking system come standard in the Yaris. Its downside is that it has a bland interior with standard equipment. Prices start from Ksh 800,00-900,000.

That said keep voting for your favourite hatchback cars here and if you wish to import one visit Timam Cars, they will get you the best deals on wheels plus ensure your car arrives at your doorstep stress-free.

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