Apply for a car loan with Autochek and Okra partnership

Autochek Africa Partners with Okra to Power Car Finance Platform


Have you tried to apply for a car loan before? Even if it’s not a car loan, just a typical loan application from a financial organization.

It’s a hassle!

At Autochek, we have a goal to simplify the process of applying for car loans and we knew we could not do this alone. This was going to require some strategic technology partnerships.

Hence, why we partnered with Okra. 0218510514 gt

Why Okra?

We realized that to truly simplify the process, we needed to use technology to bridge the gaps involved in the loan application process.

We had to make it easier for people to apply, and for financial organizations to approve the loans, which is what led us to Okra.

With Okra, applicants no longer need to go to the banks, fill forms, etc, and other protocols involved in getting bank statements.

What this does is that it makes financial partners decide on a loan application seamlessly and faster.

All the applicant needs to do is input their BVN details, this gives us a view of their bank statements from all their financial accounts.  It’s that easy!


What are the results of this partnership?

We are proud to say that our partnership resulted in remarkably faster loan processing times. This has sped up the process of applying for a car loan by at least 5 working days 🥳🥳. Want to try it out? Click here

This is one partnership we are super excited about, it has truly helped us achieve our goal of simplifying and speeding up the process of applying for car loans. Our customers are also happy about this! We have gotten good reviews about the finance process, watch this video of Mr Emeka who got his car through Autochek car finance.

Would you like to test this process and apply for a car loan? Download the application on the google play store to get started or click here to fill the application form online.

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