Benefits of owning a car

Gone are the days where owning a car is a status symbol that earns prestige and respect in the sight of onlookers. Today, owning a car has become a necessity.

Humans are innately nomadic in nature; it is difficult for us to stay in one place for a long time. If you add this to how fast paced the world has become, you will realize that one of the basic needs of man is to own a car.

In Nigeria, about 39% of cars are privately owned. This is a far cry when you compare the figures to the towering 56% mark of vehicles used in the country for commercial purposes. In order to close this gap, everyone needs to see reasons to own a car for themselves. Here are some benefits you should consider: 


Saves time

The minutes you spend queuing up, jostling for space in a bus, or looking for a bike can be shortened simply by opening your car door, turning your engine door and driving off. Most of the time we spend commuting is usually not spent in motion.



Having a car means freedom from having people in your personal space; it also protects you from other people’s hygiene issues in a cramped up bus (think social distancing). In another light, there’s nothing stopping you from going to that place of your choice come rain or shine.


Forestalls emergencies

A car could be all you need in the event of any emergency. Whether it’s to go somewhere urgently or cover any unforeseen event, the car you own today can save the day. 


Saves cost

Despite the money you spend on maintaining a car, you still cut off unnecessary costs. To prove this, calculate the amount of money you spend on those trips in a month and compare it to the cost you spend on your car every month, you will be wowed by the gap.


Makes you more efficient

With this fast paced life, owning a car can enable you to juggle your numerous commitments seamlessly. From going out with the family to meeting that career commitment, and providing for your basic needs, a car can make you do all these and more without breaking a sweat.


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