Why car accidents happen

Car accidents can happen at any time. As much as we try to prevent it, they happen more often than not on our highways. The baseline causes for its prevalence are mainly human induced. 

This article comes in handy in opening our eyes to the main human errors that cause these accidents to happen, causing a loss in properties (and sometimes lives).

From our analysis, here are some of the factors that cause accidents to happen:



Being fast and furious on the highway is a lot of thrill for most drivers; but it comes with its own risks which are really high. The more you hold down the throttle and increase the speed of the car, the less control you have over your car’s navigation, making it difficult to stop any road hazard that arises. That’s why speeding ranks as the highest cause of road accidents.



From picking that call, to eating, or talking to your passengers a lot can go wrong within the second you try to take your eyes off the road. While there are other vehicles sharing the road with you, the potential dangers or errors that these other motorists cause can be easily avoided simply because you are attentive.



When you hear “Don’t drink and drive”, this is what you are hearing: the alcohol you take can reduce your response time and ability to focus – both of which are recipes for disaster. A safer alternative is to postpone your alcohol consumption till when you get to your destination, take what your body can handle, or drink and give your keys to someone that hasn’t drank.


Ignoring safety signs

Whether you’re trying to beat the Red Light, or you take one way roads, or any other form of safety precaution that most Nigerian motorists are prone to disregarding, the truth remains that the more we ignore these signs, the more harm we would cause for ourselves and other motorists. Your actions have an impact on both you and other motorists so it has to be right.


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