Top 5 Cars With The Best Resale Value

Cars with the best resale value

If you are in the market for a vehicle, there are several factors you must consider, e.g. fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, reliability and finally resale value. Many buyers prefer to buy cars that depreciate at a minimal rate so that they can get the principal amount once they want to dispose of it. Below are 5 cars with the best resale value in Kenya.

Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio- Cars with good resale value

If there is a car that has held its forte as the ‘poor man’s luxury car’, it’s the Toyota Premio. For 20 years its defined why Toyota as a brand has good depreciation value. Its sturdy build quality, spacious interior and fuel-efficient Vavlematic engine range make it very irresistible.
Availability of affordable spare parts also plays a big role in making the Premio a contender in this segment. With a strong resale value, its current market price ranges from Ksh 1 million to Ksh 1.6 Million.

Subaru ForesterSubaru Forester-Cars with great resale value

The Forester gains its popularity courtesy of its Rally Heritage and DNA that made Subaru brand indomitable a few decades back. This practical family crossover shares its underpinnings with the rally-bred Impreza, paired to symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and its legendary ‘boxer’ engine makes it a winning package. It retains its value as it has a durable engine and drivetrain compared to its rivals the RAV4 and Nissan X-Trail. With prices starting from Ksh. 1.4 million for the entry-level to 2.5 million for the top specification version.

Toyota Land Cruiser PradoToyota Prado-Cars with great resale value

The Land Cruiser Prado is considered as a status symbol by many Kenyans, due to its sheer size and stature. With 60 years of heritage, the Prado shares its platform with the Hilux/Fortuner models, and its legendary sturdiness has withstood the test of time. Marketed as a proper offroad machine, it comes with a box ladder chassis, independent suspension and torque-rich next-generation IGD family of turbo diesel engine, churning 450Nm of torque.

That power is sent to the four wheels via a 6-speed gearbox that has a proper four-wheel-drive system, capable of withstanding any form of Terrain. Prices start from Ksh 5 million to 10million.

Mercedes C Class

Mercedes C class-Cars with the best resale value

Young aspiring Kenyans enjoy the finer things in life including the Mercedes C Class. This perennial winner sets the bar in the compact executive segment, fighting it out with the likes of BMW 3 Series, and Audi A4.

The C Class chassis is its strong point, sharp to drive and has decent road manners. The well-appointed cabin is loaded with features like Dynamic Stability Control, Cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control among others. With prices starting from Ksh 1.6 million, it’s a sure way of making a statement.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo- Cars with the best resale value

This well built German machine comes from a lineage full of heritage and loved by many due to its build quality, peppy engine and tons of technology onboard.
Being a hatchback, the polo is practical and Volkswagen engineers have packaged it to be as practical as possible. The car has comfortable seating space and enough cargo space. It is efficient, given a choice of 3 pot peppy turbocharged engines. Additionally, it has reasonably priced spare parts that will not hurt your pocket.
Prices start from Ksh 800,000 to 1.2 million, with main rivals being the Toyota Vitz and Mazda Demio. Brand new, it goes for Ksh.1.6 million with a 3-year warranty.

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