5 Things You Should Do After an Accident

5 Things You Should Do After an Accident

Road accidents occur more frequently than people notice. Nobody anticipates a road accident but the truth is that they still happen. According to WHO, about 13000 people lose their lives yearly due to road accidents. Most of whom are innocent road users such as cyclists or pedestrians.


So how exactly should you respond when you get involved in a road accident? Who gets to foot the repairs bills in case of an accident? It is also important to know who pays the hospital bills after an accident. Here are some things you should do after an accident.

1. Stay calm Stay calm after the car accident

It sounds close to impossible to stay calm when you are involved in a road accident. At that point, you are panicking; you could be angry, you are probably in pain and maybe even happy for not having been critically injured. However, regardless of what you are feeling after a driving accident, it is advisable to stay calm. It is important to remain calm and wait for help from the police or good samaritans. Do not admit to being in the wrong as it may land you in trouble and maybe lead to mob lynching if there are casualties.

2. Take pictures of the sceneTake pictures of the scene after a car accident

If you are not seriously injured and in need of urgent medical attention, you should not leave the accident scene for any reason. You should inspect the car and the extent of the damages and take clear photographs of the scene. Get the necessary information of the other motorist which includes the car colour, drivers license number and the plate number. This information is useful for the insurance claim processing. The images will also act as evidence before law enforcement gets to the accident scene.

3. Call the policeCall the police immediately after a car accident

Be it a minor or major accident, it is a requirement that you call the police. You will need a police report to process insurance claims. Additionally, the cars involved in an accident will have to stay in the same spot until the police arrive at the scene to collect evidence. You can move the vehicles only if they are obstructing the flow of traffic.

4. Make an accurate reportMake an accurate report after a car accident

When investigating officers arrive at the scene of the accident, give accurate accounts of what happened. Do not twist the events or exaggerate them unnecessarily. If you are not sure about something, tell them you are not sure. The same will apply to the other motorists involved in the accident. Bearing false witness can land you in trouble.

5. Seek medical attentionAfter a car accident seek medical attention

Sometimes the injuries you have sustained in an accident are internal hence not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, ensure you seek medical attention as soon as possible and have everything checked out. Do not wait until it is too late to rush to the hospital. Furthermore, you may need counselling if the accident traumatised you.


To avoid being manipulated by the other parties involved in the accident, you may need to contact your lawyer. A lawyer can help you avoid getting exploited in case of an accident and even help hasten the insurance claim processing. Ensure you have a reliable auto insurance cover for your car and remember that having no insurance cover is a traffic offence.

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