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Tips to Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption

In many countries, fuel prices don’t obey the law of gravity. They go up and never come down regardless of the prevailing conditions in the international market. As a driver or car owner, you should form habits that help you cut down on usage and help you save some money. Here are some tested and trusted tips to help you reduce your car’s fuel consumption. Have a look:

1. Minimise Your Air Condition Usage

Running your car’s air conditioning can reduce its fuel efficiency by a staggering 8%. This is a fact. When you are at lower speeds, it is better to put off the air conditioning and only keep it on when you are at higher speeds. For great fuel consumption, use air conditioning only when necessary. 

2. Avoid Extended Periods in First and Second Gears

There is a consensus that the amount of fuel your car consumes by manual transmission in first and second gear speeds far exceeds that consumed when in the third and fourth speeds.

Your car fuel consumption is at least 20 per cent higher in the first and second gear speeds.

3. Close the Windows When on Highways

Opening the window of your car gives your vehicle a strong air resistance. You should close the windows whenever you exceed the speed of 80 kilometres per hour. This reduces fuel consumption to 4 to 5 per cent and improves vehicle dynamics.

4. Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter allows impurities and dust into the engine. This leads to higher fuel consumption and other car troubles. It is recommended by most car manufacturers that you replace the air filter every 20,000 kilometres. This way, combustion efficiency will be greatly improved and the engine will have access to clean air.

5. Regularly Check Tyre Pressure

Under-inflated tyres cause drag and make your engine apply more force and fuel in order to move. Checking your tyres periodically to ensure they are inflated to the correct pressure reduces the fuel wastage that comes when your tyres drag.

6. Stop Mindless Revving When Accelerating

Being high-handed with the accelerator and over-revving leads to low fuel efficiency. Turn to smooth acceleration and deceleration to reduce fuel consumption.

7. Don’t Leave the Engine Idling

This looks like a Driving 101 lesson, but it seems many people skipped this class. Don’t leave your car’s engine running when you drop by to pick something in the store. Always save fuel by putting off your car when you are not in.

8. Stop Warming Your Car

Most cars these days don’t need to be warmed up before they can start, but many drivers still engage in this old habit. Vehicles that rely on fuel injection systems need no warming. The fuel wasted in warming the car can be put to better use.

9. Close the Fuel Tank

Always ensure that your fuel tank is closed so that your fuel doesn’t evaporate into thin air.

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