9 Anti-Theft Devices to Keep Your Car Safe

Car anti-theft devices

Do you really need anti-theft devices to keep your car safe or do you have 100% confidence in the locked windows and doors? Regardless of your answer, we should point out here that over the years, car theft has become one of the most crimes in the world and Nigeria is no exception.

Unfortunately, what happens in many cases of car theft is that the parts of the car are taken apart and sold separately. When this happens, it becomes almost impossible to locate such cars. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your car is to protect it from being stolen. In the rare situation that it is stolen ensure that you can track it in good time.

To provide adequate protection for your car, you need to have one or more anti-theft devices in your car. Such devices will cut across wheel locks to alarm systems and other devices we will examine in the lines below.

Dash cam - Car anti-theft devices

Dash Cam

If you consider your home valuable enough to have a camera in it, then the same level of security should be extended to your car. Dash cams come in different shapes and sizes. Many of them have been designed to record 1080p videos and capture crisp and clear footage; even in dark conditions.

The front camera of the dash cam can be swiveled 360° to see every possible angle and corner of the car despite its stationary position.

No car thief wants to be caught on video breaking into your car, which is one of the biggest advantages of the dash cam and video cameras. However, cameras can be quite pricey. If you have a limited budget, you should consider baby monitors. They are affordable and can transmit pictures. They can also run on a separate battery and would not have to run on your vehicle’s power supply.

Budget: N20,000 – N35,000

Steering wheel lock


Steering Wheel Lock

Stealing a car is one thing but driving it without a steering wheel renders the theft an exercise in futility. The steering wheel lock is attached to the steering wheel and it prevents anyone with unauthorised access to your car from steering it.

This anti-theft device creates a problem for a car thief at the very first turn he/she has to make as he/she would be unable to run the steering wheel to the left or right.

Budget: N5,000 – N10,000.

Car lock alert system

Car-Lock Alert

The car-lock alert is not just about its alarm system. Some car alarms are designed to trigger an alarm that would discourage car thieves. However, there are car alarm systems that send you a notification whenever an activity considered suspicious occurs around or within your car.

Some car-lock alerts are so clinical that they provide the driver’s monthly score and recognise you as the trusted driver of the car. The moment another person tries to drive the car, it detects the change and alerts you.

Budget: N6,000 and N35,000

Car key signal blocker and protector

Car Key Signal Blocker and Protector

In the event that tech savvy car thieves try to copy and boost your car’s wireless fob from the key to enter the car, there are devices to protect you from this. One of such devices is a bag, which provides a signal blocker for your car key. When you have your car key in this bag, car thieves are prevented from picking up signals from it. They are easy to carry around and also extra space for your personal effects like your credit cards and your ID.

Budget: N22,000 – N40,000

GPRS car tracker

GPS Tracker

If your car ever gets stolen, recovering it can take weeks or months and in some cases, the car never gets recovered. However, when installed in your car, the GPS tracker provides you with a real-time location of your car even if it is another country.

Your budget for a GPS car tracker should fall between N11,000 and N45,000 depending on your preference and budget.

Budget: N11,000 – N25,000

Car anti-theft devices - Cheki Nigeria

Security Tyre/Wheel Clamp

The tyre/wheel clamp is designed to wrap around the wheel of your car such that in the event that anyone gains unauthorised entry into your car, the wheel is locked and prevented from rolling.

Most tyre/wheel clamps can be adjusted to fit a wide array of vehicles including scooters, motorcycles, cars and trucks. They do not require any sort of installation. You simply clamp them to the wheel of your vehicle and that’s it. They come with two keys – So, if you break or lose one, you have one more key to fall back on.

You should consider this if you can create space in your trunk for it. It protects your car from getting jacked. However, this anti-theft device is ideal if your car will be parked for an extended period of time.

It wouldn’t make much sense to have your wheel clamped every time you have to park your car to buy petrol or when you stop to pick up a pack of pizza on your way home.

You should also realise putting a clamp on your wheels will not deter car thieves from breaking into your car to steal things. So, keep your doors and windows locked and consider other anti-theft devices.

Budget: N25,000 – N35,000

Car alarm

Car Alarm

Car alarms are designed to trigger so much noise from the alarm that it draws the attention of everyone nearby and this is the last thing a car thief needs. Car thieves predominantly operate with stealth and prefer operating away from prying eyes.

If there is unnecessary contact with the body of your car or if someone tries to gain entry forcefully, these actions trigger the car alarm. The typical car alarm allows you to lock, unlock as well as secure your vehicle.

Many of such car alarms come with two 4-button remotes, a control module, siren, wiring harness and LED indicator lights.

Budget: N9,000 – N35,000

Car kill switch 1


Kill Switch

The kill switch remains one of the most advanced type of anti-theft devices you can install in your car. When installed, this switch cuts off the flow of electricity to the car’s fuel pump and other critical systems that the car needs to run.

In other words, it is impossible to start the car without flicking the switch. Car thieves are known to be in a hurry to steal your car without any form of detection.

When car thieves notice your car has a kill switch, they are more likely to move on to the next available car rather spend precious time trying to figure out where the kill switch is located

It is, however, important to keep the kill switch hidden out of view (under the dashboard or other hidden locations in the car). You cannot install a kill switch yourself and you would need the expertise of security experts to have it installed.

Budget: N36,000 – N50,000

wireless car alarm

Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm

This car alarm system is widely used and triggers an alarm so loud that it alerts everyone within hearing distance that someone is tampering with a vehicle. This is not the kind of attention car thieves want. This wireless alarm is set off by vibration around the car or if any form of shaking is detected.

The alarm does not stop blaring until you press the required button to halt the alarm on your key. It is extremely loud and dissuades car thieves from proceeding with their plans to steal your car for fear of being caught.

Budget: N9,000 – N32,000

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