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10 Car Brands and Their Countries of Origin

Millions of cars are produced every year from various car brands and from different countries. These brands are known for different things and take up a certain share of the automobile market. Here are some top car brands as well as their countries of origin.

1. BMW

Country of Origin: Germany

BMW is a major car brand and has historical ties to the aviation industry. This is reflected today in its logo, which is said to represent a rotating aircraft propeller.

Over the years, this German brand has grown into a popular brand in Nigeria, with its famous nickname, ‘Be My Wife.’

2. Audi

Country of Origin: Germany

Not many people are aware that Audi is not only from Germany but is also one of the oldest in the car business. Established by August Horch in 1899, the company closed down prematurely and was resurrected again.

Today, Audi has grown into an automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces and markets luxury vehicles. It is also a member of the Volkswagen group.

3. Mercedes-Benz

Country of Origin: Germany

The name ‘Mercedes Benz’ is credited to Emil Jellinek, a popular race driver in the 19th century. But the brand was established by Gotlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1890.

The Mercedes-Benz has evolved into a car that combines luxury with performance across its line-up of models. It manufactures roadsters, luxury sedans, SUVs, coupes and convertibles.

4. Rolls Royce

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

There is hardly any doubt that the Rolls Royce ranks as the most luxurious car manufacturer in the world today. Established in 1884 by Frederick Henry Royce and later joined by Charles Stewart  Rolls, the company has for long, assumed a leading role in the production of exclusive vehicles.

As the legendary maker of some of the best luxury cars the world has ever known, Rolls Royce has maintained a reputation of exemplary engineering and the expression of the exceptional. While the vehicles are still built in England, Rolls-Royce is in fact currently owned by BMW.

5. Toyota

Country of Origin: Japan

In the world of automobiles, only a few manufacturers can boast of what Toyota has achieved with its internationally acceptable models. Founded in 1924, Toyota is a totally Japanese company that got its name from its owner Sakichi Toyoda, but later rebranded to Toyota.

It has a huge market in Nigeria, just as in the rest of the world. It is known the world over for its incredible fuel economy, affordability and safety.

6. Volvo

Country of Origin: Sweden

The Volvo brand is built on safety. It has some of the safest trucks and luxury vehicles and has recently taken up a line-up of cars with sexy exteriors and beautifully styled interiors.

The Scandinavian automaker offers sedans and station wagons for those who would rather have more sporting handling dynamics. Meanwhile, safety is at the heart of all its models.

7. Lamborghini

Country of Origin: Italy

The story of how the Lamborghini was established would make for an Oscar-Award winning movie. History has it that Ferruccio Lamborghini, a successful businessman and owner of a truck factory moved into car manufacturing in 1963 after being insulted by the owner of Ferrari.

Lamborghini, who was an incurable car lover, complained about the clutch of the Ferrari and was rebuffed by the manufacturer who told him he knew nothing about Supercars and he should mind his truck business. This was how the Lamborghini was born.

8. Volkswagen

Country of Origin: Germany

If Adolf Hitler ever did a kind deed, it is probably his dream for the production of small and affordable cars that was realised through Volkswagen. The brand is today, the largest automobile manufacturer across the globe and owns a large number of luxury car brands.

9. Ford

Country of Origin: America

Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and 11 associate investors. However, the company was later reincorporated with full ownership resting with the Ford family. Ford Motor Company specialises in the manufacture of passenger cars, trucks, and tractors, as well as automotive parts and accessories.

10. Innoson

Country of Origin: Nigeria

This is the first indigenous automaker in Nigeria. As of today, it remains the best example of made in Nigeria automobile. It has a range of SUVs, buses and other luxury vehicles in its line-up. Recently, Innoson manufactured high-grade military hardware vehicles for the Nigerian Army.

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