Car fire accidents

8 Causes of Car Fire Accidents

Car fire accidents are quite common and scary. They can be caused by a number of factors including manufacturing flaws, electrical or mechanical faults or even from your personal neglect.


Below are some of the most common causes of car fire accidents.

Fuel leakage

This is probably the most common cause of car fire accidents. Car fuel is highly flammable. It takes a small spark to set the car ablaze. It is very important that as soon as you detect a small fuel leak, you quickly alert your mechanic to fix it. Otherwise, you risk putting your life as well as those of other road users in danger.

Faulty catalytic convertersFaulty catalytic converters can cause car fire accidents

Catalytic converters generate a lot of heat but cause issues when they fail as a result of excess unburned fuel. One of the causes of excess unburned fuel is a leak in the valve. Additionally, if the spark plugs misfire, it can also make the catalytic converters faulty. With time, this may lead to a car fire accident.

Car accessories

Some of the aftermarket accessories that you add to your cars such as the stereos, headlamps and even security systems may cause a problem in the future. Not necessarily from just adding them but from poor installation of the features. Poor connection of gadgets can lead to short circuits that may ultimately lead to a fire accident. Always take your car to a trusted professional for any custom fittings to reduce the chances of something going wrong.

Fluid leakFluid leak can cause car fire accidents

The engine coolant and the brake fluid can easily catch fire thus when you notice an excessive fluid leak, it is wise that you alert your mechanic immediately. Even though other car fluids may not be as flammable as fuel, some of them can still burn when exposed to fire.

Engine overheatingengine over heating can cause a car fire accident

Your engine overheating may not lead to a fire breaking out. However, it will lead to the fluids within the engine to boil and overflow. If these fluids end up on hot parts of the engine, it can cause a spark and inevitably a fire will break out. Therefore, if you notice that your car is overheating, park it for a moment and give the engine some time to cool down before continuing with your journey.

Electrical wiring failureElectrical wiring failure can cause a car fire accident

Other than fuel leaks, electrical faults are yet another common cause of car fire accidents. Things such as heated car seats, car heating systems and even the battery can easily go up in flames if not properly wired. Be wary of loose wires within your car. Remember it will only take a spark to create a full-fledged inferno. Practice proper electrical wires safety and ensure all live wires are properly taped.

Car accidentsaccidents can cause a car fire accident

A collision between two vehicles can also cause a car fire accident depending on the side of the car that has been hit. If the side that has the fuel tank is hit, it may cause a fuel leak and in case there is a spark, a fire can easily break out. In case of an accident, try and evacuate the people involved in an accident as soon as possible just in case a fire breaks out their lives may be saved.

Storing jerrycans containing fuel in your car bootStoring jerrycans containing fuel in your car boot can cause a car fire accident

It is unwise to store a spare jerrycan containing fuel in the boot of your car. It does not matter if the fuel is in an airtight container not. Kenya is a hot country and the temperature in the boot of your car can rise creating a conducive environment for a fire to break out. It is much safer to fuel your car full tank and driver around knowing you won’t run out of fuel as opposed to having an extra jerrycan in your car boot. If you discover you are running out of fuel too fast, you could be having a fuel leak which is still dangerous thus you need to see a mechanic as soon as possible.


You need to take extra precaution to prevent car fire accidents from happening. Ensure you take your car in for regular car maintenance services and curb problems that may become detrimental in future. Avoid having flammable liquids in your car boot and always have a fire extinguisher in your car at all times. Don’t ignore the warning signs such as an overheated engine or fluid leaks in your car. It is also advisable to have a comprehensive car insurance policy just in case of a car fire accident.

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