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Timam Cars to Revolutionize Car Importation for Kenyans

Car importation is a very sensitive topic to many Kenyans, as it’s very tedious. It involves identifying a car from overseas, having an assessment done, shipping it and clearing it from the port of entry.

Some people purchase the car from numerous dealerships in town, usually slightly expensive as dealers put a markup on the cost price. The advent and expansion of mobile telephony has made it easier for anyone to purchase a vehicle online but there are inherent risks:

1. Online fraudsters prey on unsuspecting Kenyans by setting up unscrupulous vehicle yards online. They lure customers with cheaply priced vehicles. Once a customer pays them they disappear without a trace. This is very agonizing leaving many with burnt fingers.

2. Sometimes you may find the cost of the car increasing because of extra costs that have been incurred by clearing agents. They are fond of adding unnecessary costs through irrelevant procedures so as to earn a few shillings leaving the customers dented.

To solve all these issues, Timam Cars has recently been launched by local entrepreneurs to simplify the importation process for motorist looking for a good bargain when importing cars.

Timan Cars are verified by Cheki, Kenya’s leading car selling platform thus you can trust Timam to handle your car importation needs. Timam Cars will be able to assist you in selecting the best car based on your needs and also breakdown transparently the cost of importing your car delivering it straight to your doorstep. Timam also have solid asset finance partners, who will be able to finance your dream car with ease.

car importation

They ensure that once an order has been placed, the customer gets a high-quality vehicle plus ensure that it’s inspected to meet strict conformity standards set by Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

Once the car is shipped, authorized clearance agents will ensure that the vehicle has been cleared, registered and released for delivery to the client.

This step by step process is aimed at making Timam Cars the one stop shop for your importation needs, giving the customer the peace of mind they so. Desire.

Visit Timam Cars to view the import stock available.

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