Things about cars that impress women

Top 5 Things About Your Car That Impresses Women

Men and women don’t look at cars the same way. Men might be very passionate about cars but men and woman approach cars quite differently. For instance, while men are more interested in things like the price of the car at the dealership and how rugged the car is, Nigerian women pay more attention to styling, safety, comfortability and reliability.

For the Nigerian woman, she is more likely to be impressed by a car that is clean, reliable, makes her comfortable and appeals to her styling preferences. Regardless of the situation – Whether you are picking up a lady on a date or giving her a ride home from work, below are five things about your car that impresses women.

The Sparkling Neatness

A shiny car can cover a multitude of car defects.  If you can spend hours planning what to wear and the perfume to spray, you should give a little time to taking your car to the car wash too. Let the floor mats be washed, seat covers cleaned, and all the fabric in the car dusted.

Dust and bacteria from sweat, spilt drinks and food crumbs have the tendency to create a scene of unkemptness in your car. To impress a woman, make sure you clear all the appearances of dirt and always arrive with your car sparkling.

The Scent of Your Car

A woman’s nose is very sensitive. Get a good air freshener by all means. She will not be impressed by the smell of African kitchen Amala and Egusi puffing in your car. Not even the smell of hotdog or fried rice will do the trick.

If she cares enough about how smelling nice and took hours applying different deodorants and colognes just to meet you, it is a mark of poor judgement to choke her with the acrid smell from your last meal.

Install some decent car freshener or air ionizer in your car. It doesn’t cost a fortune.

A Great Cooling System

Very few things will impress her as much as the coolness puffing out of your car’s air-conditioner. This coolness does a number of things for her. It prevents her from wiping away the carefully made-up face just before the date gets started.

Opening the window is not an option under the scorching sun. Ladies love it when they are always fresh, and the air-conditioning is the trick.

The Presence of Paper Towels and Hand Sanitizer

If you want to show her class, get these items strategically placed in your car. She cannot pretend not to see them or ignore these things. Ladies love having a tissue box inside a car. It is one of the first things that catch their eyes once they get into a car.

No need to ask what the paper towels are used for; just get a box or two and place them at the back and in the glove box. A furry animal tissue box cover could also catch her attention.

A fruity or floral hand sanitizer can send your classy reputation a notch higher in the eyes of the lady. Just place this at the door panel pockets. Sanitizers are part of a woman’s hygiene.

Your Vanity Mirror is Your Best Bet

A vanity mirror is the reflection of a lady’s beauty. It performs more functions to her than words can capture. That’s where she checks her face for reassurances about her make-up and fresh looks. That’s where she checks if her hair is well-positioned. That’s where she looks for guidance for a quick draw of paint on her lips. Why would you want to put her through stress by not having one when you can impress her by having it?

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