How To Efficiently Clean The Interior Of Your Car

car interior cleaning

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness and the state of cleanliness inside your car speaks volumes about you. If you want to have a well-maintained interior, then you need to clean your car on a regular basis.

While many motorists clean their car every week or fortnight, few do the interior at the same time.

This is because the cabin isn’t exposed to dirt, debris and the weather. From time-to-time, however, you’ve got to clean out the inside of your car, especially if your children are regular passengers or you eat in the car and forget to take out the rubbish.

To help you get it right, here’s a guide on cleaning the interior of your car.

Remove Rubbish

Rubbish in a car

Start by removing the trash first way before you commence wiping the dashboard and cleaning the seats. 

Wipe Clean The Dashboard

Hand wiping the dashboard of a car

Dashboards are prone to collecting dust, debris and fingerprints. In this case, they start looking faded or dirty quite quickly.

Cleaning the dashboard and centre console first is a good idea because any dust and dirt you wipe off will fall down on to the carpet for you to vacuum away later. 

Once you’ve dusted down and cleaned the dashboard, your car’s interior will already be looking much better. That’s just the first real step of the cleaning process.

Wash And Wipe The Windows

Person wiping the windscreen of a car

Cleaning glass on the inside of the car is nearly as important as cleaning the outside. Fingerprints, dust and smudges on the inside of the windscreen can reduce visibility and lead to dangerous dazzle when it’s sunny. 

To get the insides of your windows nice and clean, spray a couple of squirts of glass cleaner directly on to a soft cloth. Then use a non-linear figure-8 motion to remove streaks, dirt and dust from the windows.

Clean The Doors

Dusting a car door


Whether they’re made from upholstery or soft leather furnishings. The door finishings in the cabin are subject to lots of wear and tear. For fabric-upholstered surfaces, we’d recommend scrubbing with a good quality cleaner. 

For leather surfaces, use known leather care products to remove dirt and marks, before treating the material with a leather treatment cream.

Vacuum The Carpets

Using a vacuum cleaner to dust car mats


When you start vacuuming the carpet, don’t scrub too hard as this could damage the fibres. Instead, use a soft brush head tool and a lifting action to remove stubborn dirt. 

Make sure you remove the car mats and boot liner too as lots of dirt and debris can collect underneath. It’s a good idea to use a brush vacuum tool to remove dust from the air vents as this can lead to bad odours lingering in the cabin.


Once the cleaning process is done leave the doors and windows open for a few hours to help dry the damp floor carpets. 

This will prevent mould and bad odours from building up. In addition, spraying a good quality air freshener will leave a pleasant smell in the cabin.

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