Cheki Introduces Car Insurance in Partnership with Kenbright

Cheki Introduces Car Insurance in Partnership with Kenbright Insurance

Lots of different insurance packages are available for your car, but the question is, what is the most important insurance cover for your car? It’s a really loaded question. The truth is, the most important cover for you is the one that you will need most at the time of loss.

At the same time, you can never determine when and how the accident will happen. That is why comprehensive car insurance is the best as it will cover any loss in case of an accident.

In the wake of this uncertainty, Cheki has partnered with Kenbright Insurance Brokers to offer you easily accessible and convenient car insurance. This means that you can buy a car on the Cheki website site and insure it at the same time.

Owning a car comes with many risks. Insuring your car with a trusted Insurance Agency is paramount. When buying car insurance premium, most people consider the cost, convenience and ease of getting the claim settled in case of any risk.

Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase a premium insurance cover with us.

Affordable Insurance Premiums

Affordable Insurance Premiums

Cheki is offering cheaper car insurance premiums. This means that you can cover your car, its occupants and third parties in case of an accident. 

Normally, comprehensive insurance packages are expensive for most people. However, our car insurance guarantees you savings up to 20%.


You can access the insurance policies through your phone or a computer. In addition, your vehicle is placed on the cover immediately you buy the insurance. The sticker will also be delivered to you at the comfort of your home or office.

Still, in that case, you can use mobile payment or you can pay using your credit card.

Great Customer Service

Tired of waiting for long periods before your claim is processed? There is 24/7 fully operating call centre just in case you want to make a claim or you have any other enquires

Easy Phone Access

The insurance services are easily accessible on the Cheki Website. The application process is easy to follow and execute. 


Getting comprehensive insurance coverage for your car has multiple benefits. You can claim compensation from your insurer in the case where the accident is even deemed as your fault. Unlike third-party insurance where damage to your vehicle is not covered, comprehensive insurance covers both the third party and the car as well.

Similarly, it also covers cases where the fault cannot be proven. For example where someone hits your car while you were away and ran away/drove off. 

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