5 safety DIY Car checks

5 Do It Yourself Basic Car Maintenance Tips

With social distancing and working from home being our daily norms, it is almost impossible to constantly have your car taken to the mechanic for a check-up. It is therefore important to learn how to do a few basic checks on your car even when you aren’t using it frequently. This ensures your car remains in good running condition. Below, we have highlighted a few tips you can do on your own to ensure your car is properly maintained.

Tyre pressure

Check your Tyre pressure frequently

It may not seem difficult or even sound important but it is important to have the tyre pressure at the recommended level. Overfilling your tyres with pressure can cause a tyre burst while underfilling them can lead to tyre damage. Most modern cars come with the ability to alert you when the pressure is low but if you have an older model, you should regularly visit the pump to confirm the tyre pressure especially when the weather changes. Never forget the spare tyre as you don’t know when you may need it.

Car battery life

Check your car battery frequently

Your car battery lifespan is about three years but given the high temperatures in Kenya, it could be shorter. The moment you start hearing a low cranking noise, it could be time to replace your battery. Always keep your battery terminals clean as the grease and dirt build-up act as conductors which drain your battery a bit quicker. If your car is going to be parked for prolonged periods, start your car often to prevent the electric parts from draining the battery and damaging your battery sooner.

Check the engine cooling system

Check your engine cooling system

Check your engine coolant level and ensure the liquid isn’t dirty and in need of replacing. If the engine coolant is below the marked level, top it up. If the fluid isn’t green or orange, it may cause your engine to overheat. Change the coolant as frequently as need be. Do not wait for your engine to knock.

Check your car lights and signals

Check your car lights and signals frequently

Always make sure that your car’s lights shine brightly and that the signal lights are also working properly. Turn on the lights when it’s dark to confirm that they are properly aligned and are illuminating the road. Clean your headlights cover once in a while to allow the lights to shine bright.

Check and clean your air filters

Check and clean your air filters

Regularly have your car’s cabin air filter and your engine air filter cleaned. If your air filter is dry, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust and dirt. On the other hand, if you have an oiled air filter use a cleaning solution. A clean air filter improves your car performance and makes it more efficient.


Regularly inspect your parked car and carry out maintenance. There are a few things that you can do on your own without a mechanic being present. However, if there is something you are unsure about, contact your technician for assistance.

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