Why Are Car Tyres Black?

Why are car tyres black - Cheki Nigeria 1

Cars come in a wide range of colour variants but car tyres are typically black – Have you ever wondered why this is so? If you have, you are not alone and will provide details of why car tyres are black in this piece by asking several relevant questions

Why Are Car Tyres Black?

The reason car tyres are black is mainly because of the chemical compound known as ‘carbon black.’ Carbon black is used as a stabilising chemical, which is combined with other polymers to create the tread compound of tyres.

Why are car tyres black - Cheki Nigeria

Does the Black Colour Make Tyres Stronger?

When added to the rubber, carbon black increases the strength and durability of the tyres and this is understandably considered a desirable trait for tyre manufacturers and car drivers.

Is it True That Black Expand the Lifecycle of Tyres? 

Carbon black clearly expands the lifespan of tyres and one way it achieves this is by conducting heat away from parts of the tyre that tend to get particularly hot when driving. Such parts include the tread and belt areas.

Carbon maintains the quality of tyres by shielding them from UV light and ozone, which are known to lead to the deterioration of tyres.

Is it Safer to Drive With Black Tyres?

Black tyres don’t just increase durability and strength, they also have a huge impact on the safety of your driving. When you have stronger and long-lasting tyres, you are bound to have a safer and more reliable driving experience.

Do Car Tyres Really Need to be Black?

Tyres are typically considered one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They affect virtually every performance factor of the car; from handling and acceleration to braking and the comfort you experience during a ride. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that black tyres are the most predominant in the global car market.

What Are the Advantages of Black Tyres?

  • As far as looks go, black tyres may be considered boring but they are clearly easier to clean. These black tyres are, therefore, more practical than the white wall tyres or even fully white tires, which are largely considered to be more luxurious, especially on classic cars.
  • Some classic and novelty cars that have colourful tyres do exist. However, they are not considered suitable for daily driving. Plain black tyres might appear dull but they are chosen for two very crucial reasons; their tyre durability and road safety.

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Final Thoughts on Why Car Tyres Are Black?

Double Star Tyre, a Chinese manufacturer builds coloured tyres but they are mostly intended for show use. These tyres have been said to likely use standard plastic pigments along with silica filler. These are similar compounds are used for sneaker soles and they provide good traction. However, they have much poorer wear characteristics when compared to carbon black).

A different variant of coloured tyres are tyres which have embedded coloured bands on the tyres.

While it is possible to make useful tyres with pigmentation other than carbon black, there hasn’t been any other readily-available filler with the combination of beneficial properties found in carbon black.

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