Car myths you should stop believing

Car myths you should stop believing

If driving skills equate knowledge of vehicles would we ever visit the mechanic? That’s one of the car myths we want to debunk.

Truth is that there is a wide knowledge gap among most car owners around vehicle-related matters. Car myths have become believable, especially when it’s coming from personal experiences. 

Unfortunately, this approach has done more harm than good to us and our vehicles. Let’s take a look at some of these believable car myths that have warped our perspective over the years:

Cars with high mileage are a No-No

Contrary to popular opinion, high mileage doesn’t mean the car is close to retirement age; rather, it proves how reliable the car can be. 

That high mileage you see is an indicator that the car is capable of going any distance unscathed – especially when the car is in good condition. Instead of downplaying such cars, you should buy them as you are sure of a reliable car with less hassles.

Second-hand cars require more maintenance

Cars depreciate in value; however, that is not cast in stone. Beyond longevity, there are more factors that affect durability – maintenance is one of them. If you run your checks, fix damages, and change parts when due, your car can last as long as new with minimal hiccups.

Automatic cars are worse than manual cars

Manual vehicles give more control to the car’s navigation. This makes people believe manual cars are the best while automatic cars are ‘toys’ that prevent your leg from hurting in traffic.

Despite this assertion, automatic cars also have some benefits: Firstly, automatic cars are now as fast as manual cars (if not faster among more recent specs). Also, the modern torque converter transmission for automatics can shift faster than those in manual cars.

Technology is the solution to bad driving

Technology in cars should make driving safer but it’s not a substitute for reckless driving. We still have a role to play in maintaining the required precautions on the highway. With new concepts being adopted in new car specs, we need to use these technologies to our best advantage. 

Use that rear mirror to see what is behind you so you don’t collide with anyone or object, pay attention to your GPS to detect objects on the road and maneuver it. Always be alert.

Old cars are better

Cars are not like wine that gets better with time. People believe better materials were used in manufacturing older vehicles; hence their advanced strength, agility, and speed over new cars.

Rather than keep driving them for decades, you should do away with them for a couple of reasons: 

As the years pass, the body parts begin to deteriorate and weaken; as such, old cars are more prone to hazards on the highway. 

Also, newer cars are built with better materials. Thanks to advanced knowledge that has created cars capable of performing multiple functions. Technology has made newer cars safer unlike old cars that don’t have updated transmission, GPS configuration, talk less of rear-view cameras.


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