Questions to ask before getting your car

5 questions you need to ask before getting your next car

Just like the parable of avoiding a situation like a “bad habit”, an old car is a reminder of the status, lifestyle, and frustrations that you want to resist. In the same vein, a new car means a new lease of life – that gives you the comfort, class, and convenience you deserve. As you step up your car preferences, there are questions you need to ask before getting yourself a car.

There are numerous dynamics you should consider so you don’t land from “frying pan to fire”. Many car buyers have recounted their “grass to grace” stories and as stakeholders, we believe life will be easier if you are aware of cars and their degrees of functionality.

Here are some questions you should ask before getting a car:

1: Does my budget match the general standard of this car?

Getting a cheaper car is not a bad idea… who no like better thing? While we await that jackpot, we should pay attention to market realities and possible outcomes. This prevents you from getting swindled into buying sub-standard cars that land you at mechanic workshops. 

Ensure your budget falls within the cost of the car you want; if it doesn’t, there are many other car options that would fall within your budget (visit to see for yourself).

2: Can I afford to maintain this car?

A good life means having all you want including your dream car; however, being capable of maintaining it is what matters. With each car comes some certain levels of standards, price points, and expertise needed to keep the car in top gear. 

Without the wherewithal, you can be frustrated into selling the car – possibly at a low resale value. For any car you want, identify the needs of the car and its mode of maintenance.

3: Does my terrain accommodate this car?

Cars are a necessity but some areas have turned some cars to eggs. So that you don’t frequent the mechanic workshop, identify which cars are better suited for the regions you ply. 

If you stay in areas with bad roads, opt for cars with strong legs (ball joints, shafts, shock absorbers, etc). For far regions, pay attention to the car’s fuel efficiency.

4: Fuel efficiency

As the saying goes “The only way is up”; as you upgrade your car, you should also consider the surge in the cost of items (including fuel). 

To cut down on costs, you need a car that won’t give as much hassles in fuel consumption. Put your budget into consideration and ensure your cost of fueling is suited for the car in question.

5: Resale Value

Cars are necessities but they could be your assets. The proceeds you make from selling your car can fund your next ride or project. When you buy a car, go for one with a “2nd-hand value”.

You know a car with a good resale value through the level of durability. Other factors include the level of trust people have in the vehicle, overall acceptance, and some other indicators.


Let’s answer these questions

Our team at Autochek have adequate knowledge of all the vehicles in your city and understand how each of them work as well as the best ways to maintain them. Contact us with questions you want to ask and let’s give you useful tips for getting a car of your choice.

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