3 Reasons You Must Get a Car Valuation Before Selling

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The valuation of a car is simply an estimated price that a car dealer will buy your used car for. In other words, it is the estimation of the worth of a car.

The main purpose of a valuation is to arrive at a fair price or value of a car before it is sold. What this does is that it helps you make informed decisions to sell your vehicle at a good price.

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Today, getting a proper car valuation is an integral part of selling it online. By all means, it remains the most reliable way of finding out how much a car you intend to sell is worth.

When you ascertain the true value of a car, it is easier to get rid of potential buyers and dealers who want to rip you off by offering you prices that are below the car’s true value. If you are selling a car, it helps you make more money because when you know the value of a car, you would not find yourself selling at a price lesser than you made from it.

underpriced cars have become part and parcel of the automobile industry but a proper car valuation helps you get rid of this. Let us take a look at 3 good reasons why you need a car valuation before selling your car.

1. Avoid Selling at a Loss

Finding the true price of a car can become very stressful if you don’t know how to go about it or where you can get it done. Unfortunately, carrying out a car valuation on your own is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are not a professional valuer.

One way to find the best possible selling price of a car is to contact multiple car dealers to ask about the value of the car you intend to sell. However, this is too much work and it can prove very challenging considering the sheer number of calls you’ll have to make.

The last thing you want to do is to sell a car for N2.8 million only to find out from a trusted friend a few weeks after that the same car sells for N3.6 million. You are bound to feel cheated, hurt and exploited.

When you want to sell your car, you are bound to come across potential buyers and car dealers who want to make a huge profit off buying it from you at a really low price and then selling it off at a price. The only way they can achieve this is to ensure that you do not find out the actual value of the car.

A proper car valuation will ensure you sell your car at the best possible price. In the worst case scenario, you will sell your car within a range of lowest and highest selling price for the car, especially when you are armed with the best price range for the car you intend to sell.

For instance, a car valuation will let you know that a 2009 model of the Toyota Camry 3.0 V6 in good working condition will sell for between N1.4 million and N2.2 million. Armed with this information, you already know that any dealer trying to buy your car for N900,000 or N1 million is trying to rip you off.

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2. Getting Rid of Unscrupulous Dealers

Most car sellers like you naturally have mixed feelings about car dealers in Nigeria. You love them because they can buy your cars from you but they are notorious for their unscrupulous negotiation tactics and tendency to lure you into selling way lower than the car is truly worth. Another worrying side to this is the fact that many of them are quite experienced in the art of sweet-talking you into a car sale that leaves you on the losing end of exploitation.

Regardless of the car brand or model, the goal of such cunning dealers is to exploit. You can save yourself a world of headache by getting a proper car valuation for the car and there are several ways to get this done in Nigeria.

Be wary of dealers who go great lengths to beat down the price of your car because they end up ripping you off. it is not uncharacteristic of such dealers to look for faults in your car or create them just to ensure they have an opportunity to underprice your car.

Negotiating with such dealers can be likened to the art of rolling a dice. In most cases, you have no idea of being taken for a ride of exploitation until the deal is completed. The good thing for sellers like you is that many of today’s car valuation is carried out online.

What this means is that the practice of haggling over the price of a car with car dealers are gradually coming to an end. In addition to helping you make more money, car valuation also saves you a ton of time.

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3. Free True Price Feature

Regardless of the type of car that you plan to sell, nothing can take the place of finding out the actual price of a car from experts in the automobile industry.

One way to get this done is to ascertain the value of your car is to use the True Price feature on Cheki Nigeria and it is free. To use this feature, you go to the website, search for brand, model and year of the car you want to sell. The ‘True Price’ feature can be found beneath the price of the car. Click on the button labelled ‘Check True Price’ and it will open up a range of lowest and highest selling price for the car.

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As we mentioned earlier, as a car owner, you need to find a way to protect yourself from unscrupulous dealers who constantly seek to take full advantage of your need to get your car sold. This is particularly crucial as the automobile industry in Nigeria has been riddled with problems like this for quite some time.

Final Thoughts on Car Valuation

It’s important to know the actual value of your car. It helps you make an informed decision on the best time to sell your car at a price that you find favourable. Do you have a car you’d like to sell?

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