10 Cars You Can Buy For 800K in Nigeria

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Not every reliable car is designed to sink a hole in your wallet. There are cars that are meet your lifestyle needs yet are still affordable. You don’t need to spend 10 years of your life saving for as we have put together, a list of 10 cars you can buy for N800,000 or less in Nigeria. Have a look.

1. 2005 Honda Element (EX) (N800,000)

The 2005 Honda Element comes with a spacious, waterproof interior. It has an optional all-wheel drive, smooth four-cylinder engine and balanced handling. It is a car made for the young and active generation who want an affordable vehicle that offers flexible cargo-hauling ability along with a sporty persona.

2. 2005 Nissan Maxima (N800,000)

The 2005 Nissan Maxima was once regarded Japanese BMW because of its dynamic edge, affordability and practicality. With the passage of time, the Maxima has seen improvements to its size, becoming a larger-than-midsize alternative to sedans and near-luxury cars. The Nissan Maxima is fairly roomy for passengers.

3. 2004 Honda City (N630,000 – N800,000)

Honda City 2004 has a magnificent space and generous safety features. Its interior space is above average and the rear seats come down neatly, creating more space.

It has a modern interior and all instruments are well placed. It is another plus for the Honda City that the engine is nice and smooth, and the handling is adequate enough. It may not be good for long-distance highway driving, but it is designed for city driving. 

3. 2005 Toyota RAV4 (N500,000 – N800,000)

Introduced in 1996, the RAV4 (Recreational Active Vehicle) combines sporty good looks, incredible size and economical engine into an attractive and affordable package.

The RAV4 was a bestseller upon release as it was the first car-based sport-utility. The prevalence of new competitors in the niche later forced Toyota to redesign the RAV4 in 2001. These new designs are high on performance, safety and come with incredible driving experience.

5. 2000 Toyota 4runner (N500,000 – N800,000)

The 4runner will always be an incredible car in the sport-utility line. It sold more than the RAV4 and the Land Cruiser because of its handful of standard features. The 4runner is usually priced higher than most of its rival SUVs but buyers can rely on its high resale value when going through the pains of purchasing it.

It has a wide cargo floor; the car is made for five passengers and the leather seats are standard. The 4runner is rated high for comfort, reliability, performance and value for money.

6. 2005 Honda Odyssey (N800,000)

This model was re-engineered to serve as a new benchmark for the minivan segment. It is equipped with high levels of standard features and advanced safety equipment. The interior of this model is a paragon of style and beauty; it carries the features and sophistication of a premium luxury sedan.

7. 2005 Nissan Murano (N780,000)

The Murano has a cool transmission behaviour, remarkable steering and handling and incredible ride stability. Its seats give great comfort and the car is a tale of performance. Handling is, however, the hallmark of the Murano as it performs with splendid passion. It corners beautifully and stays impressively flat through curves.

8. 2006 Toyota Yaris (N790,000 – N800,000)

The Toyota Yaris is quite an unfamiliar vehicle as it is a replacement for the Echo hatchback. The 2006 Toyota Yaris has an incredible amount of interior room, with spacious legroom for both driver and passengers.

It is a five-passenger car that can compete favourably with many larger cars for roominess. Although cargo space may not be that large, it is rated high in fuel economy, reliability, comfort and safety. 

9. 2004 Nissan Primera (N700,000)

The Nissan Primera is a remarkable model that continues to fascinate many car lovers. It is an original beauty and a great choice for family rides. It is a simple but classy car that can take care of your travelling needs. The Primera is reliable, quick and comes at a reasonable price.

10. 2003 Volvo S40 (N700,000 – N800,000)

This is one of the most affordable Volvos you can find in the market. Its engine performs almost like a V6 and comes with incredible brakes. It is well-designed, has great handling and good quality.

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