4 Factors To Consider When Selling Your Car

Car selling tips

We sell our cars for different reasons; some of us have urgent financial requirements, some want to upgrade to a newer model while others want to clear a debt with a bank. The end goal is always to sell it quickly and make as much money as we can while doing it. Regardless of your reason, you still need to consider some factors other than money before you can put up your car for sale.

1. Time

Time- Factor to consider when selling your car

We tend to underestimate the amount of time it takes to put your house in order before selling your car. Yes, time translates into money, but how much time are you willing to put aside to ensure you have made a successful sale?

There are a few places where you will need to dedicate a lot of time before you are ready to sell your car. For instance, you must visit the mechanic a few times to check if your car is in good shape. Major repairs will also have to be sorted out at this time.

Taking good quality photos that you shall use for advertising purposes may also take a whole load of time. At some point, you may even consider hiring a photographer. It is important that you dedicate time to ensure that the best features of your car are highlighted.

2. Stress

Stress- Factors to consider when selling your car online

Selling anything is hard. Be it a pen, a tomato you name it. It’s so hard and most times, people quit midway. Only the strong-willed make it to the finish line. Why? You may wonder. It’s the stress that comes with selling a car.

Before you sell your car, consider if it’s worth all the stress. Professional bargainers will be on your case, thousands of phone calls will be coming in and then there will be those people who almost buy the car but then they don’t! That’s where cheki comes in. You can sell your car stress-free here.

3. Scammers

Scammer- factor to consider when selling your car online

These are the lazy but smart people who live among us. You have skipped all the hurdles. Your sale is almost final. Your car is about to find a new home. You are happy. However, your joy is as short-lived as our politicians’ loyalties.

A scammer has devised a way to relieve you of the heavy load of your car by giving you a whole wad of fake notes! What am saying is, you need to protect yourself from scammers.

4. Safety

safety- Factors to consider when selling your car online

There are worse things than losing money. Amongst them, is getting your car stolen or getting hurt in the process. Safety is important. Do not meet up with strangers in secluded places you are unfamiliar with. Before you sell your car to someone, take time to conduct a background check just to find out a bit about who you are dealing with. Try and go with someone to the location of the exchange as an additional safety precaution.


There are a lot of things that need to be considered before you finalise the sale of your car. Of course, you can avoid all the hassles and headaches by selling your car on Cheki.

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