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Top 10 Cars You Can Buy With Three Million Naira in Nigeria

Decent and comfortable cars are often seen as things that are not within the reach of even the middle-class. However, this is not true! With three million naira, you can experience some of the best cars out there in terms of luxury, comfort, reliability, durability and functionality.

Here is a list of the top ten cars you can buy with N3 million or less in Nigeria: 

1. 2007 Ford Edge

Ford Edge vehicles are becoming increasingly popular on Nigerian roads. The model is finally gaining acceptance amongst Nigerians. The Ford Edge is attractive and perfect for a family vehicle, as it can take up to 5 people. The locally used Ford Edge can be bought for less than N3 million.

2. Honda 

The love for Honda vehicles in Nigeria seems to have no end in sight. Don’t mind their ‘End of Discussion’ model, because the craving for the car continues.

What could possibly account for the increasing popularity of the Honda? The brand boasts of one of the most reliable, durable, flexible cars on the roads.

The designs are original and the interior and exterior smack of creativity. A foreign used (also known as Tokunbo) Honda 2006/2007 can go for between N1.6 million to N2.6 million.

3. Mercedes Benz CLS550 2007

The Mercedes Benz line has established itself as the King of automobiles so much that people hardly expect to find an affordable Benz in the market.

The car has been repeatedly tagged as being elitist because of its strength, agility, durability and appeal. If you want a car that does not compromise its goal of luxury or performance, it is the Benz.

From its SUVs, saloon, coupes, crossovers, buses or trucks, the Mercedes-Benz always has your back.

The brand has a good customer support system and amazing functionality. A Mercedes Benz CLS550 2007 can be bought for between N2,500,000 and N3,000,000 naira.

4. Toyota Corolla 2014

The Corolla has always shown signs that it is destined for great things. Since its introduction in 1966, to when it became a bestseller in 1974, down to this day, different models have left car lovers holding their breath.

The Japanese brand stormed Nigeria with the Corolla and it has been a hit back-to-back in the country. You don’t want to try counting the number of Toyota Corolla cars on the road. You are bound to lose count several times.

A locally used 2014 Toyota Corolla can be bought for between N2.5 million and N3 million.

5. Toyota Camry 2007-2011

It is hard to discuss the Corolla and without mentioning the Camry, its twin-wonder of the car world. The Camry is a loaded car; it combines efficiency, durability, style and fuel economy and can withstand any road thrown at it.

More recent models have shown a unique ruggedness, terrific handling, and durability. A foreign used 2007 to 2011 model (Camry Muscle) can go for N1.4 million to N2 million.

6. Lexus ES300

The Lexus brand is one great run of absolute class, reliability, dependability and comfort. Year after year, the brand has shown that its burst of creativity cannot go dry.

The Lexus ES300 entered the market in 1992 and gained popularity almost immediately. The Lexus brand has enjoyed enormous patronage in Nigeria, especially for the class of Nigerians that love exotic cars.

A foreign used Lexus ES300 (2000-2003 models) could be found for between N2 million and N2.5 million.

7. Peugeot 307 (2004 Model)

The Peugeot brand is built around three core values: Allure, Excellence and Emotion. This car has a history in Nigeria. Its reliability has kept it in the heart of the Nigerian military as their favourite brand of car.

The Peugeot 307 was manufactured in 2001 as a small family car. Production on this model stopped in 2014 so, it is difficult to get a brand new one if not impossible. A foreign used Peugeot 307 can be bought for between N1.8 million and N2.2 million.

8. BMW X5

The majestic beauty of the BMW is no secret. Its logo is one of the easiest to recognise on the road because of its uniqueness. The BMW brand is not much of a random car, as it seems to have more patronage from the higher class of Nigerian society and it has thrived really well in its own way.

The BMW X5 was introduced to the Nigerian market in 1999 and has since made a remarkable statement as one of the most sought-after SUVs in the market.

The Sports Activity Vehicle, as BMW would prefer to call it, has a stunning on-road ability. The price of the Nigerian used BMW X5 2011-2015 model ranges from N1.8 million to N3 million.

9. Nissan X Trail 2.0 (2005 Model)

The Nissan brand has been a dark horse for too long in the Nigerian car market. Despite its burst of inventiveness and creativity, it isn’t as celebrated as brands like Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot.

However, the brand has continued the path of adding spectacular designs to its automobile collection and is known for its durability and affordable maintenance.

The X Trail is one of such amazing works the Nissan has in its collection. It is a crossover compact first produced in the year 2000. A Tokunbo Nissan X Trail sells for about N1.6 million to N2.2 million.

10. 2005-2007 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna has been a favourite in the Nigerian market since its introduction in 1997. It is flexible, rugged and functional at the same time. It just happens that this is the kind of car Nigerians like for the road.

A foreign used 2005-2007 Toyota Sienna goes for between N2.5 million and N3 million.


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