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Top 8 Warning Signs You Need to Change Your Car

In the lifespan of a car, there comes a time when it no longer suits your purpose and it becomes inevitable to change your car. At such times, you realise that this car no longer meets your professional, personal and lifestyle needs.

It could be that the car is just no longer safe for you to drive and you realise it’s time to get rid of it. It could even be that the car is just too old or you find yourself too much money to keep it in proper shape for the road.

Whatever the reason, remember that when driving, safety should never be taken for granted or jeopardised. Therefore, if you discover the following signs on your car, you will be doing yourself a world of favour by changing your car.

1. Repairs Exceed Car’s Value

It is easy to get attached to a car that has served you incredibly well for years. However, the truth is that once the cost of repairs exceeds the current market value of the car, it is a sign that you need to change your car.

2. Poor Fuel Economy

Poor fuel economy is one of the signs that your car is failing. On a daily basis, the car market is constantly getting populated with cars that are more fuel-efficiency and even come at a lower price. You are, therefore, doing yourself a financial disservice by keeping the old car that continues to take you back to the petrol station and your mechanic.

3. You Have Exceeded Six Digits on the Odometer

If you have been lucky enough to drive that car well beyond 100,000 miles (160,934 kilometres), it is a good thing. However, what this also means is that the car has approached its golden years and will require a frequent stream of repair works and maintenance. If you think that the repairs for this stage of the car’s life will be enormous, it is time you consider replacing your car with a used car or simply buy yourself a new vehicle.

4. The Check Engine Light is Always On

If this happens to your car regularly, it means that the sign may not be available to warn you when your car genuinely develops a serious issue. If the light changes with every bump in the road, then it is a sign to change the car.

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Also, if the engine block cracks, it could be a sign as well. This will continue to gulp your money in the long run. It is a sign that your car’s structural integrity has been compromised and would require repairs upon repairs with the passage of time.

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5. The Spare Parts Are Hard to Find

If your car is so old that you cannot easily find a spare part for it in the market, it is time to replace the car. This is because a car with unavailable spare parts will mean expensive repairs and safety concerns.

6. The Trunk Won’t Open or Doors Won’t Close

This is a common problem with cars that are due for a change. It may sound ridiculous, but some people hold on to their cars until almost everything around the engine and transmission is almost falling apart.

For some, the car will begin to accumulate rust, which then affects other parts. Car rust spreads and begins interfering with the integrity of your car. So, if you’re losing chunks of metal, do yourself a good one by finding a car that suits your needs and lifestyle and change the car.

7. The Exhaust Pipe Spews Visible Smoke

This may be fixed, but if it is a recurring issue with your car and you cover a lot of miles with it, it is better you take the car off the road for your health and for the sake of other road users.

8. You Don’t Feel Safe

Do you feel you cannot drive at certain highway speeds because you fear that your car may fail? Do the brakes require a ‘process’ before engaging them? These are signs that must not be ignored. They point to the overall conclusion that your car is no longer safe for travelling.

Final Thoughts on Signs to Change Your Car

Breaking up with your ride may prove to be a tough decision even when it has shown obvious signs that it is no longer the car you fell in love with. No matter how attached you are to your car, once it starts showing signs that border on safety, it is time to let go. This will save you money and give you the brand of peace of mind that a car that constantly breaks down car steals from you. Having a vehicle is supposed to ease your stress rather than making it more stressful.

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