DT Dobie Unveils The All New Mercedes Benz Actros Truck

The 2019 Mercedes Actros truck has been unveiled by Local Mercedes Benz franchisee DT Dobie at a grand reception in Mombasa. The Mercedes Actros Truck has been the best-selling prime mover in Kenya for over 40 years. It’s built to withstand our tough terrain. 

Actros Truck Review

Speaking during the launch, group CEO Mr Ian Middleton stated that Mercedes Benz Actros trucks have proven to be reliable partners to those in the transport system. The trucks have advanced engines that ensure maximum efficiency and low fuel consumption

Actros Truck Cabin Review

In addition to that, the new Actros comes with added safety and comfort systems such as intelligent gearbox system that selects gears based on load and surface situations. They also have cruise control, ABS and ESP to ensure the stability of the truck at all times.

The truck will come with a more efficient inline 6 engine that has more torque and power plus longer servicing intervals. There is talk that the new Mercedes Actros will be assembled in Kenya. We will give you all the details as soon as we get them.

Yamaha Launches The XT250 Motorbike

 Yamaha XT250 motorbike Review

Yamaha Kenya recently unveiled the XT250 motorbike, suited for rough terrain use. Blue Core technology powers it with a potent 250cc engine. This allows the engine to be efficient during low revs and maximum power during acceleration performance.

XT250 Motorbike ReviewIn the market, it would compete with similar motorbikes such as TVS, Honda and Bajaj. Yamaha is great at building dirt bikes, with tough suspension parts. The bikes provide a plush ride, increase handling and can tackle rough terrains.XT250 Motorbike Review

It comes complete with warranty and back up from Yamaha’s extensive network across Kenya with a free reflective coat, helmet and comprehensive insurance. The design has been enhanced to ensure maximum durability.

The engine also has a longer service duration, ensuring peace of mind to the consumer. Yamaha is under Toyota Kenya and you can rely on the expertise of aftersales from Toyota to maintain your bike. Yamaha has a mobile service workshop for far-flung clients.

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