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5 of The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts


If you have a loved one who is a car enthusiast, we know, gifting them can be hard. Here are a few practical, innovative Christmas gift ideas that will leave a long last impression on them.

Digital Dash Camera Recorder

This is one impressive kit of technology that allows you to record the road ahead, capturing all moments. This comes in handy if you get involved in a fender bender and you need evidence, record bad driver behaviours plus capture scenic locations for future reference.

Most devices come with a 12-megapixel camera capable of shooting full HD (1080p) and external storage up to 256GB. The battery lasts about a day and comes with a mini USB port for charging.

Price: Ksh 6-10,000

digital dash camera recorder

Portable Jump Start Power Bank

This is a great gadget that you can gift a friend who has battery problems. The compact gadget allows one to jumpstart a flat battery instantly without the hustle of going around and asking for help.

It is powered by a high capacity 30,000 mAH USB rechargeable battery, fully kitted with jump start terminals and a torch. Once the high capacity battery is drained you can charge it for eight hours for full charge.

Price: Ksh 8-10,000

jump start powerbank

Electric Tyre Inflator

This portable tire inflator comprises an electrically powered mini compressor that connects to a tire pressure gauge hose. The electrical compressor is powered by a 12-volt cigarette lighter port and it drives a miniature suction turbine, pushing sucked air into the compressor.

It is able to inflate a tire past 80 PSI in 5 minutes. It is ideal for long trips, especially in isolated areas where a petrol station may be far to access.

Price: Ksh 8-10,000

electric tyre inflator


Going to Mombasa and you need a constant supply of cold drinks? Look no further as the portable mini fridge has got you covered.

This is the perfect gift for those who love the outdoors. The Direct Current (DC) unit is powered by the 120 watt/12V outlets found in all cars.

It is roughly about the size of a standard microwave with the inside compartmentalised, to accommodate a various assortment of drinks.
It can hold a six-pack of beers plus two water bottles at maximum capacity.

Price; Ksh 15-20,000

mini refrigirator

Rechargeable LED Torch

This is the perfect must-have a gift for any car owner as it comes in handy during emergency situations at night.

The Torch has 20 high power LED cells that emit the equivalent of 35 watts of conventional lamps, reflected by a bi-concave silver surface to increase its intensity.
The rechargeable battery can last 8 hours on full beam thanks to the lithium-ion battery pack and the efficient LED diode arrangement.

It is protected by a hard-vulcanized rubber layer and a hard-plastic lens that doesn’t crack easily.

Price: Ksh 5,000- 10,000

rechargeable LED torch

Put a huge smile on a car lovers face this Christmas.

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