Common Faults in Toyota Cars

Common Faults in Toyota Cars

Toyota is arguably one of the most sought-after cars among buyers, dealers, and business owners. From the economical fuel efficiency to the strength of its legs, you ‘almost’ cannot go wrong getting one for yourself. In the midst of all these, there are common faults you should watch out for in Toyota cars.

For a car that ticks many boxes what could possibly be the issues it has (if any)? After combing through series of complaints, observations, and experiences from some Toyota vehicle owners here are some common faults in Toyota cars:

Bluetooth call echo

Some Toyota vehicles, the hands-free feature echoes when a call is made via the car’s bluetooth. Toyota suggested you increase the phone volume to the highest, and afterwards reduce the head unit volume to 45. Inasmuch as it’s not Toyota’s last resort, we expect that more recent versions will have a more permanent solution.

Engines and Sludge

Some of the users of Toyota specs later than 2015 complained of a thick sludge that forms whenever they fill their engine with engine oil. The sludge is known to cause excessive overheating and friction, which can cause the engine to knock. 

A 2007 lawsuit filed against Toyota was one of the numerous steps that pushed Toyota to resolve this issue. Thankfully, this issue doesn’t exist in more recent versions.

Rusting frames

When salt and metal meet nothing good comes out of it save for appointments with Panel Beaters and Spare Parts Dealers. Many resort to frequent visits to the car wash shop but newer models are seen not to experience this.


Should I still buy a Toyota?

For all its worth, Toyota still promises numerous benefits than the fears highlighted above. It’s still a top pick for people in need of a car for personal, business, and commercial activities.


Next steps

You can explore our range of Toyota vehicles up for sale, make your choice and apply for our loans package. Visit to secure your Toyota.

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