What makes a car engine knock

What makes a car engine knock

Wear and tear is a thing for car parts. While some can be easily managed, some should never happen. A car engine is one of those parts that should never knock. If anything goes wrong, it’s stressful, expensive, and inconvenient to fix; your car can end up being scrap.

For many car owners, it’s the most dreaded news they ever want to hear. As we would rather go for the wiser option of Prevention, let’s arm ourselves with the factors that can cause any engine to knock and leave us carless:

Low Engine Oil Levels

Your car engine can knock when it runs short of oil as it needs a sufficient amount to keep it functional. Lack of oil in your engine can make metal parts scrape, slide, and grind against each other; if not controlled promptly, the condition can persist till your engine grinds to a halt.

We advise you to check your engine to detect any leakages, change your oil regularly to get rid of dirty oil, more importantly, never run out of oil in your engine.


Every engine is capable of heating up; that’s because of the combustion that it undergoes whenever the car is in motion. In order to prevent this, you need an effective cooling system that douses any heat that is being generated in your engine.

Pay attention to your temperature gauge and ensure it is working so you can easily detect any issues. Also ensure your gasket is working; if it’s damaged, your engine could overheat.


Pistons in your engine are designed to compress a mixture of air and fuel. Water getting into the mixture will only bend, break, or blow the holes of the engine, damaging it. Recent specs of cars have a high chance of hydrolocking since their intake or exhaust ports are positioned at the bottom part of the engine. 

Does that mean you can’t drive your car in flood? Yes! Don’t try it. Whenever you see a flooded area, take an alternative route, wait for the flood to clear or reschedule your appointment.


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