Avoidable Driving Mistakes

10 Avoidable Driving Mistakes You Should Know

Driving is so important that the law prescribes a specific school for it and makes it mandatory to obtain a license before you are allowed to drive. Before you drive, you need to learn the twists and turns, the mistakes and safety measures you need to pay attention to.

In this article, we have compiled a list of avoidable driving mistakes we found a growing number of drivers making. To help you drive better, we have also suggested a couple of things you can do to correct these driving mistakes.

1. Wearing the Seatbelt Wrongly

The seatbelt was devised to lessen the impact of a crash. But it cannot perform this when the belt is worn incorrectly. Some drivers wear the seat belt under their arm instead of over the collarbone, which makes it strong enough to break the force of a crash and minimise the impact.

Wearing the seatbelt under your aim may just contribute more to the damages of a crashing, breaking your ribs and leaving you no protection from the airbag.

2. Cruising on the Wrong Lane

This is common among most drivers. In a bid to get to their destination on time, many drivers try to beat the traffic by using the wrong lane. But sometimes, the one-way lane may not be the only wrong lane. In driving on a three-lane highway, the middle lane is not the ‘driving lane.’ The middle lane and the far left lane are passing lanes.

3. Impatience Before the Green Light

Many drivers don’t have the patience to check for a second if the road is clear before driving at the turn of the green light. It is good you take a good look at the road to see if any driver at the opposite end is trying to beat or run the red light before moving. This will prevent you from colliding with an irresponsible driver.

4. Not Inspecting Your Tyres Regularly

It is a grave error not to inspect your tyres daily. In fact, one of the first things to check before pulling out of the garage with your car should be the condition of your tyres. Check for wears and monitor the time it will be due for replacement.

Checking your tyres is one of the most important safety measures you can take with your car. The tyres should be well-inflated, with sufficient thread and the right air pressure. Anything far from these is a tragedy waiting to happen.

5. Driving Under the Influence

Driving is an activity that requires maximum concentration and zero interference with the senses. When this is not the case, the result is usually disastrous. Driving under the influence of any substance is dangerous to you and other road users. Avoid alcohol and even drugs prescribed by the doctor but that can make you drowsy. Such drugs can include cough syrups.

Once you get behind the wheels, you should be 100% alert at all times.

6. Not Looking Into the Distance

Some of the most careful drivers have one thing in common – They pay attention to things both far and near. It helps if you can look beyond your hood as you drive. This could give you an advance warning about traffic problems that are lying in wait for you as you drive.

7. Driving on Revving Engine

Many drivers make the mistake of driving their cars while the engine is still revving up. They are hard pressed for time to allow the engine to get to operating temperature before driving out.

It is advisable to allow the engine to get to operating temperature, which takes about 10 to 15 seconds before driving off in your car. This gives the car the time it needs to get ready for action.

8. Not Reading Owner’s Manuals

The owner’s manual is the last thing people care about after purchasing a car. However, but it is one of the most vital ingredients in enjoying your new car. Many drivers have never opened their owner’s manual even though it is usually simple to read. It takes less time to consume the information in it and teaches a lot about what the car does and how it reacts to different conditions. it also includes tiny fixes you could take care of yourself to keep your car roadworthy.

9. Making Use of Your Mobile Phone While Driving

While it is a good thing to be ambidextrous, deliberately putting yourself at risk by texting and surfing the net while driving is not the best way to show your good command of both hands. A split second is what it takes to lose control of the steering if you run into an unforeseen situation or object. For instance, you could run into a pothole you missed because you were preoccupied with your phone while driving.

Texting while driving is prohibited and should be avoided by all means. If the message is so important that you have to respond to it immediately, find a safe spot to park the car and respond to the message before you resume driving.

10. Bad Tailgating

You have had that driver that didn’t just give you enough space but rode right into your tail way too close. This is a classic bad driving habit and is particularly dangerous for roads that go up a hill.

Final Thoughts on Avoidable Driving Mistakes

Some of the above-mentioned mistakes are deadly and must be avoided. Also, those that are not deadly have a way of affecting the longevity of your car. We believe your safety and that of your car are important enough to guide you into remedying these mistakes in your driving. Which of these driving mistakes have you been making? Kindly share with us in the comment section below.

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