Affordable Maintenance: 7 Cars That Are Easy to Maintain

Several factors determine the choice of the car you buy. For example the affordability, availability of spare parts, fuel consumption, the resale value as well as the model and brand of the car. However, once you buy the car, affordable maintenance and repairs become your chief concern as a new car owner.

Routine checks of essential components of the car, such as the inspection of the brakes, tyres, turn signals, headlights, transmission fluid, oil and coolant are all geared towards your safety as the car owner and longevity of the car. In this piece, we will take a quick look at 7 cars that come with affordable maintenance.

  1. Toyota Corolla


The feature-rich Toyota Corolla is a model that is known for its exceptional value, but one feature it doesn’t offer comes in the form of ostentatious thrills. By default, the Toyota Corolla is not the kind of car that comes to mind when you think of exotic cars that are packed with dazzling thrills. All recently manufactured Toyota Corolla cars are loaded with safety and technologically advanced features that make driving a safer and more enjoyable experience. Such features include the lane-keeping assist, automatic high-beams, adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking system to mention a few.

Generally, Toyota cars are renowned for their affordability in Nigeria. However, another selling point for this brand is the affordable maintenance that goes with its pocket-friendly price. It costs less to service and there is a prevalence of automobile mechanics with ample expertise in handling the car.

The cost of repairs and maintenance for the Toyota Corolla falls  within the range of N132, 000-N135, 000 per annum.

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  1. Toyota Avalon


The Toyota Avalon falls into the category of large cars with affordable maintenance. It is also one of the most affordable large cars that have been widely embraced in Nigeria. With a maintenance budget of about N150, 000 per annum, it easily ranks among the top cars with the cheapest repairs and cost of maintenance.

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  1. Nissan Pathfinder


The Nissan Pathfinder is a trusted car for performing local weekend errands as it does on long-distance highway trips. However, if you are the kind of person who expects the familiar adrenaline rush that comes from driving a flashy fun car, the Nissan Pathfinder is sadly not for you.

From its reputation as an off-road machine, the Pathfinder has evolved and easily stands out as one of the most dependable family cars available today. It provides a seating capacity of 7 as well as ease of access to the third row. That’s not all; the car also has a child seat installed on the second-row bench.

When it comes to SUVs with an affordable maintenance cost, the Nissan Pathfinder is a reliable bet in this department. Its cost of maintenance is within the boundaries of N160, 000-N170, 000 per annum.

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  1. Ford Mustang


Sports cars don’t have to be difficult to maintain and this wraps up the story of the Ford Mustang. Also called the ‘Pony Car,’ it is the sports car with the most affordable maintenance, even with its elite status. Once on the road, the galloping pony serves as a reminder that the Mustang is largely at home on the open road.  The cost of maintenance for the Ford Mustang falls between N185, 000 to N190, 000 per annum.

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  1. Honda CR-V


The Honda CR-V is not only a comfortable ride with plenty of space, it also comes with the extra goodies of affordable maintenance. Ranked at the top of Honda’s car models, the Honda CR-V requires between N150, 000 to N160, 000 to maintain per annum.

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  1. Honda Accord


In the class of sedan cars, the Honda Accord comes off as the one of the easiest cars to maintain. The Accord has been one of the best family sedans for decades. The Accord is affordable, comfortable, and fashionable-making it not only one of the best sedans on the market, but one of the best cars in Nigeria’s automobile history.

It is the cheapest Honda brand to maintain on our list and the average cost of maintenance and repairs per annum is around the boundary of N137, 000.

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  1. Honda Odyssey

The cost of maintaining minivans are usually low, so also is their repair cost. However, it seems that the Honda Odyssey provides even far cheaper maintenance and repair costs compared to the average minivan. It costs between N155, 000 – N170, 000 a year to maintain a Honda Odyssey. This explain the increasing reliance of Nigerians on this car as made manifest in its popularity.

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There is no hard and fast rule about getting the estimates of a car’s maintenance and repair costs. However, with a reliable online car dealer platform like, you can be rest assured that you will get dependable advice from experts in the Nigerian automobile industry.

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