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9 Tips on How You Can Save Fuel When Driving

The passing of the VAT bill sent shock waves in the motor industry with the 8% VAT increase in fuel. This has led to a trickle-down effect that affected the common mwananchi, especially when it comes to the cost of transport.

Personal and commercial vehicle owners have to live with this new reality and austerity measures are required so that you get the most with the fuel that you use in your car. So what exactly contributes to economy driving?

Factors such as driving style, vehicle load, tyre pressure, road conditions continue to affect real fuel consumption. Here are some tips on how to get more bang for your hard-earned shilling.

The following fuel saving pointers are recommended for motorists to improve vehicle fuel efficiency:

  1. If you are driving an old relic that has old systems like a carburettor, you may consider switching to a modern vehicle equipped with fuels saving technologies electronic injection and variable valve timing for added fuel efficiency.
  2. Avoid unnecessary journeys/ Plan your journey in advance.
  3. Service your car according to the manufacturers recommended schedule. You should also consider a minor service. Poor maintenance can significantly increase fuel consumption as some of the parts get clogged hence reducing the efficiency of the vehicle.
  4. Check tyre pressure regularly as Low tyre pressures increase vehicle “drag” and hence higher fuel consumption.
  5. Drive smoothly, In the case of manual transmission vehicles shift up as soon as engine speed and conditions allow and maintain higher gears during highway cruising.
  6. Moderate your speed as fuel consumption increases significantly when driving at speeds over 100 km/h.
  7. Reduce weight in the car by removing heavy items if you are not using them, e.g. roof-rack, unnecessary luggage in the boot etc.
  8. Fill up on quality fuel from a known petrol station. The use of contaminated fuels can result in fuel injection equipment deterioration and increased fuel consumption.
  9. Optimum fuel economy is achieved during steady constant speed driving. Stop-start driving significantly increases fuel consumption.

Fuel saving is an art on its own and if you practice the above tips, you will start ripping significant savings on your fuel usage.

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