honda fit or mazda 2

Common Cars Loved by Kenyans: Honda Fit vs Mazda 2 (Demio)


If you are in the market for a mini hatchback that will take you from point A to B efficiently, practical enough for your everyday lifestyle and affordable to maintain then you have several choices to pick. Today we do a Honda Fit vs Mazda Demio face-off.

Both cars do appeal to the entry-level motorist looking for a reliable daily driver, but the question is, which offers a better value for money proposition?


Starting with the Honda Fit/Jazz, it got the typical panda-sq. front face and a tall MPV side profile, offering ample headroom for the occupants. The wheelbase is set further to the corners to provide adequate legroom inside the cabin.

The Mazda 2 bears the ‘Kodo’ design language that incorporates flowing lines and curves along the body surfaces. The front slating headlamps give the Demio an aerodynamic look as compared to the Fit.

At the back, Honda decided to go with the trapezoidal tail lamps with a lower boot lip while the Demio spots rectangular laps place higher up the tailgate for better visibility to other drivers.


Honda gave the Fit a cabin forward dashboard that’s pushed further away to create an illusion of space at the front. The soft-touch dash is well laid out with the centre console housing a double-din multimedia display unit and climate control. The instrument binnacle also is easy on the eye, displaying vital information to the driver without distracting them.

There plenty of legroom up front as the floor is flat while at the back the seats are surprisingly comfortable. When folded flat offer decent luggage space for your groceries.
The Demio has a sportier design language, with a driver-focused dashboard made of hard plastic, doesn’t have a classy appeal in my view.

The centre console has an integrated audio and climate control knobs and buttons, with the satellite navigation screen popping up on top of the dashboard for the higher spec versions.

The front seats are supportive while at the back the seat isn’t as comfortable as the Fit, feels like seating on a bench. The Demio, however, has decent a boot to haul all your luggage.


The Demio is powered by a 1.5-Litre 83Kw/139Nm engine, paired to 5 speed CVT transmission, that sends power to the front wheels. The Fit also spots an 88Kw/145Nm 1.5-litre engine mated to a 5- speed automatic transmission, also sending power to the front wheels.

Both cars are peppy on the road but the Demio has better handling characteristics than the fit. The Honda counteracts with a more comfortable ride and a quieter cabin
It is worthy to note that when it comes to availability of spare parts, the Demio will be easier on to maintain as the parts are readily available and are cheaper than the Fit. However, when it comes to longevity, Fit parts last longer and there are fewer generic/counterfeit parts in the market.


Both cars come with active safety features like Anti-Lock Braking system, HID lamps and passive features that include dual airbags, safety belts and crumple zones, geared to protect you from harm’s way


It boils down to taste and preference at the end of the day, since picking a vehicle is an emotive process, one has to make a good choice. The Demio costs about 800-850,000 Ksh while the Fit would play in the Ksh, 750-800,000 range.

Considering resale value of both cars are the same. However, if you’re looking for longevity go for the Fit. if you like a spirited drive, the Demio takes the day. You can import these cars via Timam Cars, your one-stop shop for quality car imports.

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