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How Can I Find a Trustworthy Mechanic?

Few things in life are as tough as finding the right mechanic in Nigeria. If you have had unpleasant experiences at the hands of many mechanics; from tales of getting ripped off to lies about when your car will be ready, then you will appreciate the value of a trustworthy mechanic.

The truth is that while there are a lot of dishonest mechanics out there, you can also find the good ones with a couple of secrets we will be sharing below. Have a look.

1. Ask Your Friends

It is far easier to get a trustworthy mechanic if you ask your friends the mechanic they have been patronising for years. Referrals are one way to avoid the mistakes of trial and error with mechanics in Nigeria.

Based on your friend’s experience with his/her mechanic, he/she will either praise him or withhold referring him to you if the mechanic’s work is abominable.

However, you should be ready to investigate the expertise and specialization of the mechanic recommended to you. Ascertain if he works in the line of your car model and the kind of fees he charges.

2. Try Service Centres

Sometimes, a service centre close by could just be the answer to your needs about getting a reliable mechanic. Popular auto companies in Nigeria have set up service centres across the country to give customers top-notch repairs and maintenance.

If you have one around you, do take out some time to explore it.

3. Carry Out a Personal Search in Your Area

Remember, it is not as though there is no mechanic in your neighbourhood. Rather, what you are looking for is a trustworthy one. This means you need to invest your time into finding the right person.

One way of doing this is to comb the neighbourhood for auto mechanics. While doing this, it helps if you ask them the question below:

What types of cars do you fix? A great and sincere mechanic will be upfront with the model he fixes. Meanwhile, a hungry and untrustworthy one is likely to claim that he is an expert in all kinds of brands. If a mechanic says this to you, please, run away.

The fault in that kind of answer is that he is the jack of all trades and master of none. Also, look out for apprentices and testing space for repaired vehicles.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Trustworthy Mechanic

In your search for a trustworthy mechanic, you must have a list of attributes that will help you identify the right man or woman. You need someone that offers a fair price for services rendered and that will be honest about his areas of expertise.

Some Nigerian mechanics have been known to lie about their expertise only to pass your vehicle to their friends when you leave their shops, which will translate into a situation where you will incur an additional cost.

Investigate if the mechanic will have time for you whenever you call upon him. A great mechanic is one that has a few apprentices helping him so that he can move things around when you need him urgently.

He should also have a vast amount of experience in the process of purchasing spare parts as well as knowing different spare parts markets.

A trustworthy mechanic will show you what is wrong with your car if possible. He will advocate both low and high-cost repairs sincerely and ask you to pick what you can afford while highlighting the disadvantages of not picking a particular route of repair.

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