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Peugeot Quartz Concept Car: The Making [Gallery]

Do you have a soft spot for Peugeot cars? If you do, then the Peugeot Quartz is one that should get you really excited. However, before we delve into a gallery of the making of the Peugeot Quartz, let us have a quick look at the general idea behind Peugeot’s concept cars.

For Peugeot, concept cars aren’t just designed as a chapter in styling and technological upgrades. Rather, concept cars are a piece in an elaborate part of Peugeot’s brand strategy.

Its concept cars are designed to be driveable and functional so as to offer car owners a complete experience; even when dynamic. Over the years, Peugeot’s concept cars have come with realistic dimensions (architecture & wheel size) but that’s not all. They are also equipped with elements that can be found in production vehicles.

For the Quartz concept, PEUGEOT served up a new vision for the SUV segment by blending the heightened expression of a next-generation SUV with a touch of its high-performance models.

You can call it an ultra-athletic crossover because the PEUGEOT Quartz holds nothing back with its sporty, robust and powerful style from the outset. In other words, it’s a fusion of an SUV body as well as a saloon cabin in a sculptured design. The Peugeot Quartz delivers exceptional performance and road-holding qualities with its 2.06-metre width and 305 mm-wide tyres.

The athletic air of the Peugeot Quartz’s interior and exterior come with a remarkable design and innovative materials. Some of the materials include basalt, digitally woven textiles and chiné leather. Let’s have a quick look at its exterior style:

Exterior Style

The engine of the Peugeot Quartz doesn’t hold back under a long bonnet that has been enhanced by louvres that improve the air intake. These stretched lines highlight the dynamism of the Quartz Concept.

The Architecture

The architecture of the Peugeot Quartz steps away with the central door pillar. Instead, it allows for scissor-opening doors and facilitating access to a high-end cabin via a retractable step.

The Glass Roof and Finishes

It has a glass roof, which moulds into two spoilers that further enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamic design. These features are aligned with the separation between the two Quartz colour finishes: intense blue at the front of the car and matt black for the rear wings. These finishes are offset by occasional splashes of white and red.

The Wheels

The immense 23-inch alloy wheels on the PEUGEOT Quartz also delivers a resounding statement and you will agree that this is hard to ignore.

The Peugeot Quartz Seats

The upper section of the Peugeot Quartz’s cabin delivers the impression of a single block in which a potpourri of functions has been carved. The car seats four passengers and they all get a bucket seat, which provides maximum interior space.

To create a sportier feel, the sides and roof are trimmed in black leather, while the seat cushions and backs are trimmed in tawny leather.

With that said and done, now, let’s feast our eyes on a gallery that highlights the making of the Peugeot Quartz. Kindly share your thoughts with us on the Peugeot Quartz concept car.

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