Good driver qualities

Top 10 Qualities of a Good Driver

It is one thing to be able to move a car from point A to B on the road but it is a completely different thing to do this safely and confidently. This means moving the clutch and brakes don’t make you a good driver. Rather, good driving is a direct product of constant practice and consistent respect for the traffic rules and other road users. Here is a list of qualities that define a good driver.

1. Driving Skills

A good driver should be highly skilled in driving. This does not need to be overemphasized as it should be the minimum requirement for being tagged a good driver. You should be able to handle whatever surprises the road, other drivers and other road users might throw at you.

In other words, Aa good driver should be able to keep the vehicle in control at all times.

2. Great Knowledge About Driving

A driver with great driving skills and poor knowledge of the rules of the road is an accident waiting to happen. A good driver should combine skills and adequate knowledge of the rules of the road. Knowledge of the vehicle and different routes is an added advantage.

3. Self-Discipline

On Lagos roads, this might mean remaining on your lane when every other driver is trying to take the one way in traffic. It is important to have the quality of self-discipline, as it is not enough to know all the traffic rules without actually adhering them. Stop for the red light, do not over speed and don’t feel less cool for respecting traffic laws.

4. Great Patience

One of the causes of road accidents is the impatience of drivers. A good driver should always remember that driving is not a race as every road user has a different destination.

5. Always on the Alert

Like the Boys’ Scout motto, a good driver should always be prepared. This means being on the alert at all times on the road to drivers and potential dangers. When you start seeing other drivers as potential risk factors to your safety, you will discover that you need to always be alert to whatever errors other road users may make.

6. Mechanical Skills

It is not enough to be skilful with the wheels. A good driver should be able to get his or her hands dirty when needed. A good driver should be able to change the tyres of the car during emergency situations. He/she should be able to carefully open the bonnet and check what the carburettor is saying during a breakdown or overheating.

7. A Sense of Responsibility

A good driver has a sense of responsibility to passengers and other road users. This makes him/her drive carefully always.

8. Constant Drive For Improvement

A good driver is ready to learn and improve his or her driving skills. This means a dedication to constant practice to get used to various road situations.

9. Good Maintenance Culture

A good driver should be able to take great care of the vehicle he/she drives. This goes beyond and above washing and fueling. It is about listening for signs of wear and tear in the various parts that make up the car.

10. Sound Body and Mind

A good driver must be of sound body and mind. If there is any medical issue that may affect his road judgement, he/she should stay off the road until such an issue is taken care of.

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