Change Car Tyres

How to Change Car Tyres on Your Own

The pop or flapping noise that tells you that your tyre is flat is not something you ever hope for while driving yet it happens. It is more unpleasant when we are off-road and there are no mechanics close by.

At this point, you are free to feel deflated if you don’t know what to do next. But here is a guide to how to change a tyre for situations like this. You can also just read to get the knowledge. Ladies especially feel confident with men that are hands-on with car issues. Here are the steps to changing a tyre:

1. Pull Over Safely

The first thing to do after noticing a flat tyre is to pull over to the side of the road, or pull out completely to a safe distance from the road; out of the reach of moving vehicles.

The next thing is to put on the car’s hazard lights and ensure the car is parked with the handbrake on. If you are working on the car at night, make sure you are not putting on dark clothing.

2. Loosen Wheel Nuts By One Turn

This is the point you bring out your spare tyre and equipment from the boot of your car. Loosen each wheel nut by a full turn. Focus on turning the bolt or nut anti-clockwise. First, give it a quick anti-clockwise jolt to loosen, or if you need more force, carefully use your foot for support.

3. Place Jack Under the Car

As soon as the nuts come off,  check your car’s manual to get the correct point to place the jack underneath the vehicle’s frame alongside the flat tyre.

4. Raise the Car

Once the jack is sitting comfortably under the car, raise the vehicle by slowly winding the jack until there is about a 5-10cm gap between the road and your tyre.

5. Remove Wheel Nuts

Remove each wheel nut completely and put them in a safe place.

6. Replace Flat Tyre

Carefully remove the flat tyre and place it under the car as a support mechanism in case the jack gives way. Align your spare tyre with the wheel holes before placing it onto the wheel hub.

7. Put Wheel Nuts Back On

This is the time to put the wheel nuts back into place and tighten them as far as you can by using your hand.

8. Lower the Car and Tighten Wheel Nuts

Now that you have put the wheel nuts back, lower the car and tighten the wheel nuts. But before doing this, remove the flat tyre from underneath the vehicle and wind the jack down until the spare assumes the weight of your car.

9. Put Hubcap Back On

If you have a hubcap, place it back onto the new wheel or store it safely in the boot.

10. Safely Return Your Equipment and Drive

Carefully put back the tools used in your toolbox and put the flat tyre into the boot. Once this step is complete, you are safe to return to the road again.

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