Top 10 Honda Cars You Can Buy For One Million Naira

Honda cars one million naira Nigeria

If you are looking for well-built, well-engineered cars that are both fuel-efficient and spacious, then Honda fits this description perfectly. Honda cars are most pleasant to drive and also have a reputation for being reliable.

Founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, it is the second-largest manufacturer in Japan and has been committed to innovation and sporty, high-revving engines over the years. Here are the top 10 Honda cars you can buy for one million.

1. 2008 Honda Pilot (N960,000)

Although the 2008 Honda Pilot has more modern rivals, it remains a strong choice for people looking to get a comfortable midsize crossover SUV. Unlike its rivals, the Honda Pilot possesses remarkable versatility, high safety ratings and a reputation for comfort and durability.

If you favour form over function, then you will be more inclined to embrace the Honda Pilot for its efficient mode as a means of family transport. In 2003, when the Pilot was introduced, it was one of the first midsize crossover SUVs; it was car-based rather than truck-based.

2. 2006 Honda Civic (N900,000)

The Honda Civic is a fuel-efficient car and comes with environmentally-friendly engines. Also, it has a lot of standard safety equipment, a roomy and refined interior and some have special Hybrid, GX and Si models.

This model of the Honda Civic boasts of spunky performance and a reputation for durability, reliability and affordability. For the 2006 model, you can choose either a sedan or a coupe.

3. 2004 Honda Accord (N590,000 – N900,000)

With a spirited acceleration and a reputation for reliability, the 2004 Honda Accord is a strong-selling midsize Accord sedan that underwent a massive redesign. A five-speed automatic transmission replaced the former four-speed unit. Honda has repeatedly said that the cheetah was their major influence in the styling of this car because it runs low to the ground.

4. 2003 Honda CR-V (N850,000 – N970,000)

The Honda CR-V 2003 is a highly roomy, comfortable ride with stable handling and versatility.

It is durable and has high safety scores. If you are looking for a fantastic buy for the family, the 2003 Honda CR-V is the right choice.

5. 2005 Honda Element (EX) (N800,000)

The 2005 Honda Element comes with a spacious, waterproof interior. It has an optional all-wheel drive, smooth four-cylinder engine and balanced handling. It is a car made for the young and active generation who want an affordable vehicle that offers flexible cargo-hauling ability along with a sporty persona.

6. 2004 Honda City (N630,000 – N800,000)

The 2004 model of the Honda City has a magnificent space and generous safety features. Its interior space is above average and the rear seats come down neatly, creating more space. It has a modern interior and all instruments are well placed.

This car is another plus for the Honda City that the engine is nice and smooth and the fact that it has great handling simply makes it even more impressive. It may not be good for long-distance highway driving, but it is designed for city driving.

7. 2000 Honda Accord Sedan (N400,000 – N760,000)

This is Honda’s most popular model and the second best-selling passenger car in a country like the US. This sedan has a spacious interior, comfortable seats, clean engines and excellent resale value. It also has an impeccable reputation for bulletproof reliability.

8. 1997 Honda Bulldog (N800,000 – N970,000)

This 5th generation Honda comes with good build-quality, great interior, peppy engine and comfortable seats. It has one of the highest resale values in the line of Honda brands. It won a great number of loyal customers by offering sprightly performance, frugal fuel economy, room for four and unquestionable durability.

You can get a tokunbo Honda Bulldog for N800,000 and a Nigerian used model from N400,000.

9. 2005 Honda Odyssey (N700,000 – N900,000)

This model was re-engineered to serve as a new benchmark for the minivan segment. It is equipped with high levels of standard features and advanced safety equipment. The interior of this model is a paragon of style and beauty; it carries the features and sophistication of a premium luxury sedan.

10. 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour (N980,000)

The 2010 Honda Crosstour is available in all-wheel drive, has sufficient legroom and high safety scores. The car is a cross between multiple genres as the name suggests. Like many SUVs, it is fashioned like a sedan; unlike true crossovers, the Accord Crosstour is limited in its offer of versatility like a wagon or SUV.

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