How To Take Care Of Your Car During Rainy Season

How to take care of your car during rainy season

Most times, taking care of your car during the rainy season might seem difficult. There are easy ways people can take care of their car without having to call professionals. With heavy rain, strong winds, floods, and traffic jams, your car’s performance can be compromised. There are ways to make sure that you don’t lose control of your vehicle in a rainstorm.

1. Check your car engine
The engine of a car may be damaged by water entering it. It is best to check the engine regularly and clean water that might have gotten into it. Try to prevent having water on parts within the engine as this can cause future engine failure.

2. Water level
Driving through flood waters can damage your car’s engine. If the water level is higher than the exhaust pipe in your car, this can cause potential damage to your car.

3. Keep a safe speed and distance from the car in front
When you are driving through the flood, maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front so that you can drive at a constant speed.

4. Do not turn on your AC when it is raining
It is advisable not to turn on the air conditioner when it is raining or when you are driving through a flood. If the cooling component gets flooded, it is likely that the air conditioner won’t release cool air.

5. Check the brake regularly
After driving through the flood, the brake pedal may be ineffective due to a lot of sediment in the car. You can clean it up by blowing high-pressure air from a compressor.

6. Check the clutch
When water gets to the gearbox, it makes the clutch pedal sticky or the gear stick unresponsive when you press the clutch pedal. This kind of damage is possible because of rust that appears after the flood. When you feel a sticky clutch, immediately replace the clutch plate with a new one.

7. Do not let rain water dry naturally on your car
Try to wash your car immediately after it rains. Allowing the area wet by rainwater to dry naturally can damage the paint of a car and it can eventually lead to rust.

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