Own a Car With 30% Down Payment From JB Autos

Own a Car With a 30% Down Payment From JB Autos

JB Autos, a vehicle dealer in Lagos, Nigeria has partnered with Autochek; the automotive technology company making car ownership more accessible and affordable across Africa to provide customers with cars and give them access to financing.

With this partnership, Autochek and JB Autos are glad to provide:

1. Easy Access to auto loans: Customers can now walk into JB autos car lot and get their auto loan approved within two days.

2. Access to quality cars: When customers go to JB Autos, they are sure to get the best quality cars ranging from Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, Rolls Royce and so much more. With JB Autos, customers can not only access these high-quality vehicles but they can also do it easily with the auto loan product powered by Autochek.

3. Variety of cars: JB Autos has a wide range of cars for customers to choose from. With just a 30% down payment, customers can choose from any of the cars in the lot.

4. Excellent customer service: When customers walk into JB Autos car lot, they are welcomed by excellent customer service representatives that provide unique experiences to each customer. They not only get their car on the spot but also access to quick and easy financing.

Autochek currently has over 1,000 dealers in Nigeria and is proud to partner with our dealers across the country to provide easy and accessible auto financing for their customers.

JB Autos is located at 1, Prince Samuel Adedoyin Street, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Customers can now walk into the JB Autos car lot and pick up the vehicles of their dreams with only a 30% downpayment.

For more information, you can reach out to:
JB Autos:
Instagram: @jbautos_machines
Phone number: +2348034969367

Autochek Nigeria:
Instagram: @autochekng
Phone number: +2347002886243

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