A Detailed Review Of The 2019 Hyundai Tucson

A Detailed Review Of The 2019 Hyundai Tucson

Soft roader buyers are the hardest to please. They want style, practicality, performance and efficiency in one product. For this reason, brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda and Nissan are all trying to be the best crossover cars, distributors. The main cars in this section being the RAV4, Tiguan and X-Trail respectively. 

Hyundai Tucson is definitely a very important car for Hyundai at the moment. That is why all the specifications have been perfectly modified in a bid to outshine its rivals.


Hyundai Tucson Design

Hyundai  Tucson design has been reworked to give it a more  European flair.

The front part features a new hexagonal grille, new-look  LED headlights, fog lamps and skid plates. The rear has also been revised with tail-light appearing as clusters. In addition, it has a neater twin exhaust system.

The new alloy wheel designs are particularly attractive. Inside, there’s a completely redesigned dashboard, which now features a floating 7-inch infotainment screen. The later is capable of supporting Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto as the standard feature.


Hyundai Tucson Perfomance

Hyundai Tucson will be powered by a revitalized 1.6L Turbo-petrol, producing 130kW and 265Nm of torque. Paired to it is a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox that allows it to accelerate from 0-100km in a decent 8 seconds.

The engine can also come as a 1.7-Litre diesel derivative. The turbo diesel engine is capable of producing 115Kw/280Nm of torque. Paired to it is a 6-speed manual transmission. 

Both engines have good mid-range pull for spritely overtakes and return average fuel consumption of 6.5L/100KM for the diesel and 7.5L/100KM for the petrol unit.


Hyundai Tucson Handling

Upfront, Hyundai Tucson spots a McPherson strut suspension system which allows good wheel articulation. At the back, there is a fully independent suspension, that ensures a supple ride.

Noise insulation is pretty good too even when approaching the top speed. This is because the engine is well mated to ensure a smooth and quiet ride.


The soft-roader battle for supremacy is far from over and the Tucson is knocking on the door of the perennial leaders.  

Strong powertrains, impressive build and the overall comfort is nothing short of impressive. Local pricing isn’t out yet but it will retail from Ksh. 4 million and will come with a 5 year/ 100,000-kilometer warranty.

Hyundai will also be able to offer diesel derivatives from next year with a mild hybrid option also in the cards.

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