The Pros and Cons of Modern Taxi Services

The Pros and Cons of Modern Taxi Services

Technology is fast changing how things are done nowadays. Something very common amongst most people living in urban areas is a taxicab application on their smartphones. Despite all the advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages.


Easy Access

Easy access

To access the taxi services, the phone application has made it easy. If you need to move from one point to another, all you need to do is make a request on your app and the car will be there within the shortest time possible. 

More so, through the applications, you can also know the amount you will pay and the estimated time of arrival.



It is definitely more comfortable to move from one point to another using a taxicab than the normal public transport services. You have all the space to yourself. In addition, the professionalism of most drivers makes most people feel comfortable using them.



Taxicab services are convenient especially if you need to be in a certain place on short notice. Moreso, they can access any part of the town as they do not have any restrictions as compared to public transport vehicles. They also do not make unnecessary stops along the way which helps to save time.


Hiked prices

Hiked Prices

The prices are prone to change with time. The amount charged does not depend on the distance to be covered most of the times. Factors like the time of the day and the traffic conditions are other variants which determine this.

This can be inconvenient at times especially when one had not planned to pay more than the estimate. 

Insecurity cases


There have been isolated insecurity cases where some passengers have been robbed by persons who were supposed to be their drivers. This has made some customers fear using taxis and prefer other means of transport.

There have been isolated cases where some drivers have been reported to have sexually harassed their clients by touching them inappropriately or even attempting to rape them.

Trip Cancellations

Trip cancellation

Although taxicab services are generally cheap, trip cancellations by drivers can be very inconveniencing to the customers as it may disrupt urgent plans such as meetings or a flight.


It is evident that as much the digital taxi services have brought some major changes in the transport sector, there are still some loopholes which need to be mended for it to be close to perfect.

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