Know The Importance of Car Tyre Servicing

car tyre servicing

How would you walk around if your joints were hurting?

As your legs are to you, so is your car tyre to your car. Your car tyres are the main point of contact on the road as without your tyres, your car cannot move. Your tyres need to be kept in perfect condition to ensure safety on the road for yourself and other road users. Research shows that 40% of road accidents are caused by bad tyres. These can be because of punctures, and so on. You would expect people to pay more attention to their tyres when they see other cars stuck on the road due to a bad tyre but it seems like there are now more tyre incidents.

Typically, your car tyre needs to be changed between four to six years. As a human, you cannot survive for four years without regular car services, how much more a car that you use nearly every day.

There is a need to pay attention to things that actually cause bad tyres. They include but are not limited to:

1. Tyre puncture: although tyre puncture cannot be totally avoided, it can be prevented. Through certain measures like being careful where you drive, checking your tyre tread and pressures regularly, not bumping into the curb, keeping a safe distance when driving, and not overburdening your car.
2. Over inflation of tyres: when pumping your tyres, ensure that they do not go beyond the particular limit so as to ensure that the car is balanced.
3. Bad tyre alignment: aligning your tyres is really important to ensure that they fit properly.
4. Wrong tyre: of course you cannot use the wrong type for a car. The consequences include the tyre also coming out of the rims.

It is important to service your car tyre and here are a few reasons why.

1. It is one of the guarantees for a safe and smooth trip as it makes your brake function properly.
2. Servicing your car tyre regularly ensures optimum working condition and efficiency, helps in maintaining a good road trip for better dynamics owing to a good road grip.
3. Prompt car tyre service makes the suspension of your car work perfectly.
4. Car tyre service reduces the amount of vibration and tyre wear.
5. Car tyre service is good for your car rims and the edges of your car.
6. Servicing your car tyre sustains the life of your car tyre, its durability and helps you to cut the cost of early replacement.
7. The servicing of your car tyre can also help minimise carbon emissions thereby helping the environment.
8. Wheel balancing and alignment: servicing your car tyre ensures that the wheels are properly balanced and aligned to the rims.

We hope with these few points of ours, we have been able to convince you and not confuse you that it is important to service your car tyres.

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