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7 Reasons You Should Buy Luxury Cars in Nigeria

Do you want people to pause and stare at you when you are behind the wheels? Then get a luxury car. Luxury cars are known for their ability to hold the most chaotic of crowds spellbound. Be it a Porsche, a Bugatti or a Lamborghini in open space, it is bound to grab the attention that is due to it by virtue of its rarity, beauty and dazzling qualities.

Luxury cars at the stuff dreams are made of. Songs by Nigerian musicians always mention luxury cars that they would buy once they arrive. If you have an eye for luxury cars in Nigeria, here are 7 reasons you should not rule out the possibility of getting one.

1. Status Symbol

Buying a luxury car is one way of telling people in Nigeria that ‘you have arrived;’ a phrase usually used to mean that you have struck gold. It is a way of showing people around you that all your hard work and hustle has finally yielded results. It is also a good way to keep up with the ‘Joneses’ in your neighbourhood where you reside, at work or in church.

This stands out as one of the biggest reasons people opt for luxury cars. Owning luxury cars in Nigeria gives the owners of such cars a foundation to show off what they have. This is true to a large extent for the Nigerian society. When you drive a luxury car, vehicles driving around you exercise a level of caution to avoid scratching the car or worse still, bashing it. Such cars avoid driving recklessly close to your car because they are aware that with expensive cars come expensive repair costs.

With a luxury car in Nigeria, your image and reputation travel a great distance. These cars come with a great deal of recognition and respect that characterise the life of the rich and powerful.

2. Luxury and Safety

Luxury cars are the epitome of safety in automobiles. If you are one of those people in Nigeria who is scared of driving because of the roads, maybe you should reconsider your decision with a sophisticated luxury car. Most luxury cars come with airbags, blind spot warning, anti-lock brake systems, telescoping steering wheels and new innovations that leave their more economical counterparts far behind.

Nowadays, about 71% of new vehicles with ABS, side-front airbags, stability control, curtain airbags and traction control cost about $30,000 (N10.8 million when converted to Nigerian naira) or more, which is the average cost of luxury cars.

With the high price tag on the car comes the rat race by different automakers to try to outdo one another on safety and customer satisfaction. You can be at ease knowing that whatever luxury car you buy will be a functional and safety-oriented vehicle.

3. The Driving Experience/Adrenaline

With a luxury car, each ride is poetry in motion. There is also excitement in the gentle glide of the tyres, in the sweet audible purr of the engine, in the calm beauty of the interior and in the comfort of the exotic leather seats.

For luxury cars, each turn of the ignition is a profession of speed and strength, while the wonders of modern technology ensure that you never lack entertainment each time you are behind the wheels.

4. High Resale Value

Luxury cars bring smiles to your face when it is time to sell them and acquire new ones. This is largely due to the high resale value that they boast of any day, any time. No doubt, every car depreciates, but most luxury cars have been known to age gracefully in value.

Buying a luxury car is arguably a form of investment. With the passage of time, the value of the rare models among these cars appreciates rather than depreciate, especially if it is well maintained.

5. State-of-the-Art Technology

The finest state-of-the-art technologies are found in luxury cars. They combine high-end safety features such as rear-view cameras, anti-lock brakes with the best and latest entertainment technology, such as Bluetooth connections and in-headrest TV screens. That’s not all. Luxury cars boast of other hi-tech features such as remote starters, rain-sensing windshield wipers, electronic parking aids, lane maintenance devices and Google Earth mapping to make driving a worthwhile experience.

6. High Performance

No other car is built to handle more as much as luxury cars. They are made for raw performance and functionality. This explains their higher speeds, greater horsepower, bigger engines, and more safety-oriented features.

7. Longer Warranties

Most car manufacturers offer an average warranty of 3 years/58,000 kilometres. But the average warranty of a luxury car is 4 years or 81, 000 kilometres. This is a whole if you add all the comfort and convenience that come with it.

Final Thoughts

Luxury cars are made for all seasons and they are built to last. They also confer status on those who have the disposable income to enjoy the finest things of life. If you have the money to purchase a luxury car, then we hope the reasons above can prompt you to call a dealer or even the makers of the luxury car to get one.

Some manufacturers take buyers specifications, especially Mercedes-Benz. Get yourself a luxury car and do what billions of people only do in their dreams.

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