The Benefits of Trading In Your Car for Another

car trade-in

Purchasing a new vehicle from a dealership has its perks. The moment at which you want to dispose of it for another vehicle all you need to do is simply negotiate with your dealership. Your dealer will then make an offer for your car based on the yearly valuation done by the insurance.

The money offered will now be used to offset the balance of the new car you intend to buy. Question is does one benefit from Trade-ins as compared to selling your car privately?

Advantages of Trade-In

The biggest advantage of trading in your vehicle is that the car is disposed of quicker. This process is faster and easier. Since the car was purchased and serviced from the dealership, it is a known entity and trade-in will be largely accepted, visa vis selling your car in a yard, that’s expensive due to demurrage charges and other factors.

How trade-in vehicle is assessed

The dealer will generally asses the physical condition of your car, checking for wear and tear, abuse and if it has been involved in a fender bender. Before taking it to the dealer make sure that it was taken to a proper valet for thorough cleaning so that it is presentable.

The vehicle valuer will take into consideration the age and make of the car, its mileage, colour and features fitted in the car, not forgetting popularity. Popular models will fetch higher prices than undesirable models from obscure manufacturers with an unproven track record.

Service history will also be assessed. Having its full-service record is a positive especially if you are trading in the vehicle. This will count for a lot when determining the price for the trade-in. This is a vital marketing point for the dealer when they advertise the car to sell.

car trade in

Trade in pricing

Normally trade-in price will be slightly lower than what you would get via private selling, due to the fact that the dealer has to cover overheads costs like assessment/valuation, touch-ups etc. and still have a mark-up when they sell the vehicle.

Once the dealer gives you the retail price and you accept, transfer of ownership process begins and the vehicle is now owned by the dealer. Once the process is done, they issue a credit note towards your next purchase (In house).

Some dealers will offer freebies like free insurance for the first year if you trade-in your car and also give you a full dealer warranty as expected.

Flexible financing options

The majority of people who purchase a vehicle take out an asset financing loan to do so. Getting a car loan is a great way to take advantage of the different options on the market today.

At most car dealerships, there are more financing options when you trade-in your car. Not only that, but the total amount that you have to finance is lower when you trade-in a car.
This is one of the best ways to increase your options in this area.

Saves time

Selling a car is stressful. Even with all of the data out there for customers to look at, people will still try to purchase your car from you for well below market value. It may take hours of negotiation and simply just waiting to sell your car is also taking up time.

If you decide to trade-in your car, you will save both time and money. This is a great option for people who do not want to deal with the hassle of privately selling their car.

Better value for money

Car dealers know exactly how much a car is worth on the market. When buying a new car, there are ways you can get a lower purchase price than what is typically advertised. Many car dealers are willing to negotiate with buyers in order to make a sale.

When you trade-in a vehicle, car dealers will usually give a substantial discount if you purchase a vehicle from them.


Saving money while buying a new car is never easy, but these financial benefits of trading in your vehicle can make it possible. Interested in trading in your vehicle? there are several local dealers who will gladly take your vehicle after it has been taken for valuation.

So is trading in your car better than selling it privately? Not always but it does have its advantages.

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