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Massilia Motors, the sole distributor of Mitsubishi Motors and subsidiary of CFAO in Nigeria has unveiled its latest all-new compact SUV to the delight of the motoring public.

Known for its strength in Sports Utility Vehicles, the Japanese automaker has crafted the Eclipse Cross with a fusion of sharp coupe looks, dynamic SUV mobility and the signature Mitsubishi styling, technology and driving confidence.

The rear design is distinguished by the almost cubist styling created around the high-mounted, stretched rear lamps and a horizontally divided rear window.

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Eclipse derives its name from the Mitsubishi Motors popular speciality coupe model sold in the ’90s, while Cross is short for crossover.

The vehicle was unveiled in the recently renovated showroom of Massilia Motors in Ijora Lagos. A tour of the facility was conducted with a stop by the newly renovated state of the art workshop which boasts of an epoxy flooring and modern-day car lifts amongst other things.

Journalists were also taken on a tour of the newly refurbished after-sales facility of Massilia Motors which features state of the art features like a well-stocked spare parts store and a modern spray booth.

The after-sales facility also features modern engine room, warranty room, tools warehouse, multiple working bays, oil room, washing stand and an electrical and AC department among others.

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Being an intelligent vehicle, the human connectivity features of the Eclipse Cross such as Bluetooth, AM/FM/CD Touchscreen Audio system + MP3, Hands-free phone kit etc. are well pronounced just as in the cockpit, the Smartphone Link Display Audio system encourages new encounters on the road.

The Eclipse Cross comes with a variety of seat materials such as standard fabric, high-grade fabric with silver stitches and leather with orange stitches.

The Head-Up Display (HUD) conveys vehicle information in full colour above the meters for easy viewing. You can adjust image brightness and display height to suit your preference and time of day. The combiner extends or retracts when you turn the ignition.

Rear Seat Adjustment

The comfortable rear seats with 9-step reclining and 200mm sliding adjustment can be slid all the way back for class-leading leg room. Even then, there is plenty of storage space in the back and the 60:40 split seatbacks can be individually lowered for more.

Tailgate Window

The rear view is clear through the double rear windows with minimal interference from the height-adjustable rear headrests, which are specially designed to stay low while providing comfortable head support.

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Eclipse Cross for the local market which is the GLS CVT Gearbox 4WD (2.0-litre engine), comes with some other performance-enhancing features such as the Super-All Wheel Control, which takes away worries in difficult terrains such as muddy, gravel or sandy roads.

Even if you unintentionally brake or accelerate too hard around a muddy turn, you can maintain control without extra steering effort because S-AWC adjusts braking and coupling in the rear differential to improve vehicle performance.

The Forward Collision Mitigation System (FCM) helps prevent a frontal collision or reduce damage if the collision becomes unavoidable. Responds to vehicles and pedestrians via camera and laser radar.

The Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a selected distance between your vehicle and the car ahead via radar for greater safety and peace of mind. It reduces driver stress especially during traffic jams on highways.

You are also safer in your Eclipse Cross as it features the Lane Departure Warning. This feature beeps and displays a warning if the vehicle drifts from its lane while the turn signals are not operating.

To increase safety, comfort and driving ease at night, the Automatic High Beam activates high beams switch to low beams when vehicles are detected ahead and automatically switch back to high beams so you don’t have to remove your hand from the steering wheel to switch the beams manually.

Other safety features of this award-winning vehicle include the Blind Spot Warning, Active Stability Control (ASC) and Hill Start Assist.

If wheels lose their grip on slippery surfaces or while turning, ASC automatically adjusts engine output and applies braking force at the appropriate wheels to help maintain control and prevent skidding.

Some other exciting features include the reverse (video) camera for ease of mobility and comfort and the Mitsubishi trademark “paddle shift” which simulates a traditional automatic transmission by stepping the gear ratios up or down.

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Keyless Operation System (KOS)

When carrying the key, you can press a button on the outside of the front doors or tailgate to lock or unlock all the doors and tailgate, and press the engine switch in the cockpit to start or stop the engine.

Cruise Control

Vehicle speed is automatically maintained without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal, allowing more relaxed driving on extended journeys. Pressing the brake pedal disengages the system.

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Electric Parking Brake With Brake Auto Hold

Simply pull the switch up to apply the parking brake or push the switch down to release it. If Brake Auto Hold is active, the vehicle will remain stationary even if you release the brake pedal. Pressing the accelerator releases the brakes.

Rain sensor

The rain sensor activates the windshield wipers automatically when moisture is detected on the windshield.

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Auto Headlights

When your surroundings become dark, such as at night or when passing through a tunnel, the headlights automatically activate for your safety and convenience.

Color LCD Multi-information Display

The large, 4.2-inch liquid crystal Multi-information display in the centre of the meter panel is extremely easy to read. It keeps you clearly informed of various useful information on vehicle status, your trip, external temperatures and more.

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Display Audio

Controlling the audio system is easy on the 6.1-inch QVGA touch-panel display, which can also display the views from the rearview camera.

USB Port

The port is conveniently located near the shift lever, allowing easy access from both front seats.

When you buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, you enjoy 25% off your Business class ticket and 20% off your economy ticket when you fly with Air France. This offer is powered by Massilia Motors and Airfrance. Offer valid till the 31st of January, 2019.

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