Necessary Documents to Own a Car in Ghana

Necessary Documents to Own a Car in Ghana

In every Country, there are rules that govern the way of life of the people. Structures are put in place to ensure that a society is not lawless. For drivers in Ghana, there are certain documents that car owners must always have. You should have these documents to ensure that if you run into any road safety agent in Ghana, you can be cleared as road worthy.

These documents include:

1. Driver’s license: This document is one personal document you must always have when you own a car. Your driver’s license is easily the first document any road official would ask for. There are six types of driver’s license in Ghana. Your driver’s license depends on the type of vehicle that you drive.
The six types of driver’s license are:
Type A: Motorcycles and scooters
Type B: Mini buses
Type C: Vehicles conveying medium size products
Type D: Vehicles conveying hefty products
Type E: Vehicles conveying agricultural products and industrial equipment
Type F: Vehicles conveying hefty products
To apply for your vehicle license in Ghana, be sure to visit the Driver and Vehicle License Authority (DVLA) office in Accra.

2. Vehicle license: In Ghana, you get a vehicle license after registering your vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle License Authority. AT the DVLA office, vehicles can be registered by a car owner or by an authorized agent.

3. Road worthiness certificate: A certificate of road worthiness is usually issued after a vehicle has been thoroughly inspected. This can be done at the DVLA office or at the Ministry of Transport office, Ghana. To pass a road worthiness inspection, your car must be functioning properly; all brakes must not be damaged and they should function properly. All parts of the car must also function appropriately.

4. Vehicle insurance certificate: You should always have a vehicle insurance certificate. This certificate ensures that in case of an accident, you are covered for any legitimate liability that may arise in the use of your vehicle.

5. Proof of ownership: Proof of ownership certifies that you are the rightful owner of your car. If for any reason you want to change ownership of your car, you can also do this at the DVLA office.

When you get your car from Autochek, we work with you to get the necessary documents.

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