Necessary Documents to own a Car in Kenya

Necessary Documents To Own A Car in Kenya

There are certain documents which every car owner in Kenya should own. These documents are not only for easy identification, but they are also for security reasons. Without these documents, you cannot  prove that you legally own your car. These documents should always be up to date, to avoid conflict with highway authorities. 

We have provided a list of the documents below:

1.  Driver’s License

In Kenya, a driver’s license is a document that is issued by the National Transport and Safety Authority Act. This document which allows a person to drive a vehicle of any class on the road. To get a new license, login to the NTSA portal and follow the instructions given. Subsequently, It will cost you Ksh 600 for a one-year license and a Ksh 50 as convenience fee. One unique thing about driving in Kenya is that Kenya is a right hand drive country.

2.  Car Registration Documents 

These are also known as vehicle log books. These documents help you to keep track of ownership and taxation of the vehicle. After applying to get a logbook from the NTSA portal, it takes 7 working days to have it ready for pickup. 

3. Car Insurance Certificate 

The laws in Kenya strictly recommend that all car owners insure their cars that run on the roads. Car insurance certificates are issued by the company that you choose to insure with, after choosing your coverage plan. You are expected to stick your insurance certificate in a certain manner and on the far left, top corner of your car’s windscreen. 

4. Certificate of Road Worthiness

A Certificate of Road worthiness is required; when a vehicle is sold, if a used vehicle is to be re-registered or, in some cases, to clear a Vehicle Defect Notice. As a car owner, it is your responsibility to have the car inspected before the renewal of the vehicle license.  The Kenya Bureau of Standards ensures that there is a mandatory inspection for all vehicles before they are imported into the country. 

Owning a vehicle is a great accomplishment for many people. Keeping these documents updated and safe  is an even greater responsibility as a car owner. Ensure you keep these documents in your car or ensure you can access them online at any given time to avoid many unplesantries that road offenders get themselves into.

At Autochek we will always support you with vehicle registration upon purchase of a car on our platform.

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