Necessary Documents To Own a Car in Uganda

Necessary Documents To Own a Car in Uganda

No matter where you are, as long as you are behind the wheels, you should ensure that you have documents to show that you are the owner of your car. These documents are important to show that you are worthy of being a road user and in most cases to prove that the car belongs to you. In Uganda, one thing to note is that it is a right hand drive country. This means that the steering wheel is on the right side in the car. 

In Uganda, every car owner should have:

  1. Valid Driver’s license: It is important for every driver in every country  to have this document. This document can serve as a valid means of identification. It also certifies you as a licensed driver in Uganda. Your driver license not certifies you as a valid driver, it also shows that you can drive certain types of cars. There are different types of drivers licenses issued based on the type of vehicle that you are driving. If by chance you misplaced your wallet or any of the sort, your driver’s license can serve as an identifier. 
  1.  Vehicle log book: Your log book allows you to track records of your cars. These records may include but are not limited to paint change, engine change and so on. What your log book does is that it shows a summary of your vehicle history. Every car owner in Uganda is required to register their vehicle online and after this, they would be issued a log book. The Uganda Revenue Authority, whose office is located in Kampala, has a new online registration for vehicles. This new system would make it tough to forge log books. This log book is an easy way to register, transfer and de-register a vehicle from Uganda to another country. 
  1. Car Insurance with third party coverage: Having car insurance protects you from financial responsibilities you gain when your car has a fault. This fault can be caused by road accidents. This insurance is usually by a car owner and an insurance company where the car owner pays the insurance company a sum in exchange for protection of their car. With a third party insurance, a car owner is covered and the car owner who is not the insured is also covered. 
  1. National Identity Card: Every citizen of a country is expected to have a national identity card that helps to authenticate citizenship status in a country. The national identity card should be registered for in person and not online. You can get your national ID card from the National Identity and Registration Agency; NIRA in your region. 

With these four documents, you are set to drive your car in Uganda. When you get your car from Autochek, be rest assured that you would have assistance with your documents. 

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