The Best New Car Dealerships In KENYA

The Best New Car Dealerships In Kenya

The Kenya Motor Industry is constantly changing with older established players fighting it out with younger more aggressive dealerships. That’s an advantage to the local consumer considering competition spurs up a high level of service delivery. Additionally, innovative products and fair pricing is also witnessed all around.

Selling cars has drastically changed over the years, where it is just not placing cars on the showroom display and waiting for walk-in clients. The battle to win clients has gone digital, pushing products by targeting their audiences effectively.

With this in mind, we see the best dealerships winning more customers. The areas that we’re keen on are quality display, lighting, customer service and availability of asset financing. Additionally, we have to look at the dealership network footprint. Let’s look at the top 5 new car dealerships:

Toyota Kenya

They represent Toyota brands across the country. Despite being the most popular brand, they have taken steps in modernising their showroom to International standards. They have spacious showroom floors that are well lit with useful information displayed strategically on posters and display units.

Customers have a lounge area where they can relax and await their turns to be taken around the showroom. If one wants to buy spares or service their cars, Toyota has a quick service area for express service plus plenty of offers to keep customers happy.

DT Dobie

This is one of the oldest car dealerships in the country. They have influenced car sales in the country. As the Mercedes Benz Dealer in Kenya, they have put in place Customer CI that matches any Mercedes Dealer globally. With the acquisition of the Volkswagen brand, they now have a state of the art showroom which is equipped with new designs, advanced servicing facilities.

Inchcape Kenya

Inchcape Kenya- Best new car dealerships

Inchcape Kenya are the official Jaguar Land Rover Franchise holders. They have come to the Kenyan market with a well-equipped showroom complete with digital design studios.
The showrooms have beautiful designs and customers can see the servicing of their cars. These services have spurred local dealers to up their showroom game.

Simba CorpSimba Corp- Best new cars dealers

This is yet another multi-franchise showroom located in Westlands. It comes complete with training and servicing facilities that can be hired out to external parties. Named as the Aspire Centre, this facility has carved a niche by itself as the future of the Kenyan showroom. It houses Mahindra and Mitsubishi brands.

Porsche Nairobi

In its fifth year of operation, Porsche Nairobi stamped its authority in the new car dealership game in Kenya. Porsche Nairobi showroom is fitted with designs imported straight from Stuttgart Germany.
Utilisation of space has been well done, with the showroom housing various Porsche and Bentley models. At the back, a service centre caters for all Porsches, with technicians trained in Germany and Dubai.
Porsche Nairobi does a lot of below the line selling thus they attract high-end customers in golf events and meets.


When shopping for a zero mileage car, you may want to go directly go to a dealership as opposed to shopping online. Anyone of the dealerships we have highlighted may be in a position to assist you get your next new car.

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