Night Driving: 5 Tips To Keep You Safe

Driving at night can be quite an interesting experience but also, risky with a high possibility of being involved in a road accident. However, it depends on your driving skills, the distance you plan to cover, your car’s condition and your ability to adhere to traffic rules.


We have listed below a couple of safety tips that can help give you a better experience while driving at night.

1. Avoid swerving or drifting drivers Avoid swerving or drifting drivers when driving at night

Drivers need to be keen when using the road at all times of the day but a bit more careful at night. However, not all drivers care about the safety of other road users. Amongst such drivers are the drivers who swerve or drift. Swerving means changing your driving lane or direction without warning. Driving behind drivers who constantly drift and swerve can be very dangerous especially at night. It can easily lead to an accident if the driver in question is drunk. Keep a safe distance when driving at night to avoid getting involved in an accident.

2. Turn of the lights in the car’s cabin

Driving with the lights in your car turned on can hinder you from clearly seeing the road ahead during night driving. Aside from hindering your vision, they can act as a distraction and pose a risk to you and other road users. If you must have the interior lights on, try to dim them as much as possible to enhance your ability to see the road ahead clearly.

3. Do not glare into the lights of oncoming cars

Do not glare into the lights of oncoming cars when driving at night
Looking directly onto the headlights of an oncoming vehicle can lead to temporary blindness which poses a risk to both you and fellow road users. This is because your eyes will take a while before they adjust to the darkness once more. You can indicate to the drivers to dim their lights as they approach you or you can acquire a pair of anti-glare lenses to save you from the discomfort.

4. Keep a safe distance

Keep a safe distance when driving at night
To keep yourself safe when driving, it is important that you keep a distance between yourself and the car in front of you. This will save you from getting a cracked windshield when the car ahead of you kicks up gravel. Additionally, when the car comes to an abrupt stop, the chances of you colliding into it is lowered completely.
The recommended distance between cars is about two metres. While driving at night, the distance should be more as the risk of getting involved in an accident is higher.

5. Do not over speed

Do not over speed when driving at night
When driving at night, remember that visibility is much lower. It is therefore essential that you are attentive and. Speeding at night puts your life in danger as you will not see other motorists or random vehicles that may have broken down along the road. This can lead to a greasy road accident. Be very careful, drive slow to arrive alive.


All the above safety tips can help you enjoy a better night driving experience. Just remember to respect other road users and adhere to traffic rules in general. The goal is to get to your destination safely. Are there any other night driving tips you would like to share?

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