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Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands on Instagram

There are close to a billion Instagram users. This makes it an important marketing platform for any serious brand. It makes even more sense for car brands since this is an opportunity to display photos and tell stories about their brand first-hand.

Some car brands have seized the opportunity inherent on the Instagram platform to drive sales and branding as we will see in the lines that follow. Here is a list of 10 of the most popular car brands on Instagram.

1. BMW – @bmw – 26.2 Million

BMW has the highest number of followers on Instagram. It is the most interactive and engaging car brand on the platform; the numbers speak for themselves. Their followers on the platform are equivalent to the entire population of Romania. Each day, followers hang on the edge of the account, waiting for the release of new photos that project the feeling and experience of driving a BMW.

2. Mercedes Benz – @mercedesbenz – 25.9 Million

An account that boasts of more than 12,000 shared photos and videos is no newcomer on Instagram. Such an account really means business and that is what the Mercedes Benz Instagram page says. The Mercedes Benz account has almost 18 million followers and a chest of retro images.

3. Lamborghini – @lamborghini – 25.7 Million

The Lamborghini is not just an exotic car; it has a loyal network of Instagram followers. The page boasts of the finest of photos, combining modern work with retro goodness. The Lamborghini has been adjudged one of the top brands in the Italian supercar manufacturing ring.

4. Porsche – @porsche – 20.2 Million

This account is not just for Porsche Cars North America, as it has evolved into an online assembling ground for lovers of the brand from all over the world. It attracts more followers to the page with the skillful use of #PorscheMoment tag. The international clout of lovers around this account dulls its American origins.

5. Audi – @audi – 15.7 Million

Though belonging to the North American branch of the brand, this account is one of the most popular car brands accounts on Instagram. It is worthy of mention here that the official Audi account attracts just a few followers shy of 500,000. The North American account is able to gather more followers through photos and videos of Audi models in almost every state throughout the country.

Followers are allowed to submit pictures as well and this forms a rich bouquet of Audi experience on the Instagram page.

6. Ferrari – @ferrari – 18.3 Million

Ferrari makes it to the sixth spot on this list. The famous sports car has been the darling of many for years and is almost synonymous with Formula One. Its Instagram account is a good space to spot road cars and the latest machinery and a catalog spanning seven decades.

7. Mercedes-AMG – @mercedesamg – 12.3 Million

This becomes pretty amazing as soon as you scroll up and check the number of followers the Mercedes Benz account has and add this to the Mercedes-AMG figure of 8.8 million followers. The handlers of this account entice followers with a blend of track and road action and crazily beautiful lifestyle images. You can only resist this brand if you don’t have the financial muscles to flex.

8. Bugatti – @bugatti – 12 Million

The Bugatti brand is closing in on 9 million followers despite only managing to release two cars in the last ten years. The cars which are powered by quad-turbocharged W16 engines are able to deliver more than 240mph. Both the Veyron and the Chiron feature prominently on the account feed.

9. Maserati – @maserati – 10.7 Million

The display of timeless elegance and sporting prowess is the mission of the handlers of the Maserati account on Instagram. You will find photos of the Maserati cars close to polo horses and players. This is not surprising as the brand is the sponsor of many polo tournaments and events.

10. Aston Martin – @astonmartinlagonda – 9.2 Million

This brand has done a great job edging out Bentley in this ranking. This is regardless of the many official press photography that cramps the page. But the good thing is that followers are given the opportunity to tell the Aston Martin story by contributing images to the page. The photos don’t need much editing since the brand dazzles easily from any spot.

Is there any car brand you were looking forward to seeing on this list? Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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